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Published: June 30, 2009
I think this is the first time I'm talking about this on DA, but basically I'm making a fancomic and have gotten actual progress on it (but of course there's that one little thing...)

Yes, I'm delving back into the dark world of fanfiction. Even worse, Evangelion fanfiction; a fandom so full of wankery and I AM OH SO DEEP FOR WATCHING THIS.  I had a script, the first twenty or so pages roughed out... I was ready to rock-and-roll it this week and get the first chapter done.

Then Rebuild 2.0 came out, with its drill-armed Angels and crazyass shit that I won't say here because it's some major spoilarz (here's two that aren't too spoilery: Mari is Ryoma Nagare in a teenage girl's body, Shinji becomes either Kouji Kabuto or Simon the Digger)... but basically, based on the synopses and reviews out there, this movie is hella full of OH SO AWESOME that I really, really want to incorporate but I need to figure out how to. For example, I originally wasn't going to have Mari in it, but I have to now.

So basically, I'm making excuses for delaying a project that you haven't known about until right now, except for like... maybe two of you?, and it's just a fancomic...

Rei: With the Evangelion, you can become either a God or a Devil, Shinji!

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A twenty-page script...that is a lot of work.

Oh, yeah, I remember this talk of a fancomic...from a while ago... Are you going to make it available for download or host it somewhere?
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Actually the script is longer (but needs revision, badly), I meant I had 20 "rough outline" pages with stick figure Shinjis and Evas, just to get a feel for how I should do the final pages.

I'm planning on posting it right to DA, but in chunks at a time.