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I need to get some more stuff on here. Like, theoretically better stuff.
Am I the only person who actually values a favorite more than a comment?

Sure, it's nice to have someone take the time to leave a comment, but a favorite means the submission (theoretically) shows up on another person's page. It's bonus advertising.

I guess this could be me thinking rather utilitarian, however.
When did that one happen?
It is a social network.

Think of it that way, and everyone's behavior starts to make sense.
Sorry guys, there was such fun...

And hookers and blow.

Actually, it consisted of two guys discussing the finer points of hentai and one guy drawing girls.

Link to the channel thing
A while ago I wrote a post about DA's uneven banhammering of 'sexy' fanart, and that it wasn't out of moral compunction but rather legal necessity. - invinciblewonderbeast.blogspot…

At least, I hope that's right, haha.
Sketchblog -…

It contains yuri and naked chicks sometimes (most of the time), but if you're watching me already...
Okay, ever since I've tried out this newfangled "groups" thing - these mysterious things called "favorites" are happening.

I just wanna thank everyone who +favs something of mine, even if I don't say anything (I'm pretty bad when it comes to follow-up) ... but hopefully you all like  llama badges. :)
It is a sketchblog. It is filled with sketches - I try to post in it every other day.... ideally it'd be daily, and who knows, that might just happen.
Working third shift.

Lots of training shifts last two weeks.

Should even out.

TV Station is haunted by alien poltergeists.
...wait, was I supposed to be doing something... whoops?

I literally just got a job.

Also: :iconqualitygundamplz:
I'm actually working on them, they should be up soon.
Okay, so with any of those uberpopular artists, there's naturally a ton of sycophants. They're pretty annoying to watch as they praise nearly anything the artist will do, irregardless of quality or other factors.

But just as annoying are the Internet Policemen who like to inform the artist (using this term as loosely as an art history professor OH BURN) that they're is shallow, talentless, violating DA policy, even harangue other commenters, etc.

Jesus, it's the internet. It's DeviantART, at that.
Guys, I've just got done with finals and graduation stuffs, so I'm gonna get crackin' on your sketches soon.

There's still one slot left.
Here's the text of the memedongle:

started by :iconwanderingkotka:

:pointr: If you are one of the first 7 people to comment on this journal entry, I will add you to the list!
:pointr: For each of the 7 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery.
:pointr: If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (in this case it's :iconpuppetchaos:) in the first slot, completing this way the list with 6 additional people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread dA D A Luv around fo everyone!

Just so we're clear, If you answer I'm putting you on the list, and selecting 3 deviations from your gallery. I'm not putting anyone in the actual journal until they have re-posted this in "they're" journal... I find this works ;)

1. :iconkuzuskot: This one, this one and this one  - These ones contain girls in various states of undress, just warning ya.
2. :icondreamingfoxfire: Fear (Metal Sonic), Molten Sunset, annnnnd Sunset Banner

3. :iconchaosmakir: Remember Rehobeth V,  <a  href="…">Remembering Rehobeth IV,  and The Heavens IV





EDIT: I know I'm violating the spirit of the whole thing, but I hacked it down to 7.
Seriously, dudes and dudettes; where are you guys when I'm trying to whore myself out?

1. CardaXiro
2. MistressDrucilla
3. NovaShadows
4. gungriffon-geona
Here is a fancy-smancy 'profle' page.

Forewarning: I suck, my computer sucks, and for some reason my head screams "snipe me plz".

Also, I like to play as Scout (because he runs fast) and Medic (because I can actually get points for just standing behind a heavy and holding the left mouse button).
Okay, up at the top of your profile page, some people have a dropdown box next to "activity" that has all the groups they belong to.  I know it's not a subscribers thing, but how do you get it to show up there?