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Pupa Vegan PURPLE - cover art - No difference by Pupaveg Pupa Vegan PURPLE - cover art - No difference by Pupaveg

Get the book ( or e-book) at my charity website:…

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My artbook: Pupa Vegan PURPLE is finally done! This is its cover art! I hope you guys like it! 

The subject of the purple book is Ethics. A few pages from the book can be viewed in my gallery, but the actual book has much more content. As with every vegan book I create, 100% of the profit will go to the animals in Pupa's sanctuary: Since this is a non-profit charity project, I can only produce it with your help on Patreon or by getting a pre-order copy via my website. A free poster of this cover is also available for those who support my Patreon page. If you guys support the project, I hope to produce it at the end of this month (December 2018). It will be a full-colour hardback, fairtrade approved and environmentally friendly produced, just like the first one in these series. I worked damn hard on this book, because I really hope to make a difference for the animals and the planet.

:iconpupaveg: Art

About this cover

Since the book is based on ethics and challenges our culture's dogmatic beliefs regarding animals, I decided to go for a "Selective compassion" cover art, which reflects our culture's double standards. The book itself is child-friendly, meaning no swearing and no graphic imagery (pinkish paint splatters without any visible injuries are my alternative to this, as you can see on this cover and in the comics) and no content inappropriate for children. While this is the case, the book is not aimed at children though, so some subjects (like the water footprint of our food) might be too complicated for them. It is a cute coffee-table book though and not too harsh. It has twice as much comics as my RED book and everything is 100% drawn in cartoon style, so no boring textwalls. I think the cover suits it. I want to keep making conceptual cover art for my books from now on (because my first books containing random anime art of my characters didn't quite suit the content of the book). The background of the dog has hearts, because these are animals we love and cherish, while the background of the pig is bloody, because we treat them like objects of desire whose lives are disposable. Before I stopped eating animals, I never thought about how hypocritical I was for petting one animal while paying someone to kill another animal who had just as much feelings and a will to live as my pets, for something completely unnessecary: for the enjoyment of eating their dead bodies, something I, as a human, had no biological need for. I was killing animals for my pleasure, for my taste pleasure. Because my culture taught me to, and I blindly followed it. Now I am "awake" and I hope to wake more people up with this book, too!

Common justifications for selective compassion

"They're bred to be killed so it's fine"
Following this logic, if somebody has a dog living with them, and she is pregnant, then simply standing there and saying "When those puppies are born I am going to kill them all" would be enough justification for doing so. That of course is absurd. Basically, you are not in a position to determine the fate of an animal. If the argument is that some animals have been selectively bred for consumption, then again, that is not a justification. The entire process of selectively breeding them was done at the hands of humans, and all subsequent loss of life is at their say so and is entirely unnecessary.

"Some animals are to be killed some aren't!"
What is this based on? Let's use dogs as an example as that's the most commonly respected animal, in my experience.

- Dogs are our companions
Practically any animal could be your companion if you gave them the chance. People keep pigs as companions, and form bonds with them as strong as you can with a dog.

- I just like dogs, I don't have a connection with other animals
That is not a justification for killing other animals. Somebody could equally say to you "I don't have a connection with your dog, so I am going to slit their throat". Just because of how you feel about an animal, doesn't mean that animal is disposable, they are sentient beings.

- Dogs are intelligent, other animals are dumb
That is not a justification for killing them. Other animals such as cats, hamsters and so on could be said to be less intelligent than dogs, that doesn't mean you think killing them is fine presumably. But as it happens, pigs are in many ways more intelligent than dogs, able to make connections and solve problems more advanced than anything dogs can do, and can interact on a higher level with video games, they can recognise human faces, understand reflections in a mirror, respond to commands and so on. If you have any serious consideration for animals, feel free to look up articles on chicken intelligence, cattle intelligence, sheep intelligence and so on. It is out of the question that dogs are alone as being intelligent animals.

- Companion animals are my property, like my TV
This is an absurd comparison. The reason why you'd be upset with someone killing your dog is not because they are your property, it's because they are sentient beings, living their own life, and you don't want harm to come to them. Damage to your TV is a financial loss, your companion animals are more than that surely? 

- Just our culture, it's actually fine to slit dog's throats as long as it's done in another culture not this one
That makes no sense at all. Following through with this statement, you'd be appalled if a dog was killed in front of you, but apparently if that same dog was transported to another country where it is culturally acceptable to kill them, then you'd say it was fine. Think it through - it's the same dog, precisely the same thing is happening to them. Why does it matter where it happens?

- Dogs have been companions of humans for hundreds of years
That is just because humans have chosen for it to be that way, it isn't the fault of other animals. You could make a companionship with any animal if you chose, there's no reason to be killing them just because you chose not to make a friend of them.

- You can play catch with a dog and they do tricks
You can do the same with many other species. But why do you want to kill animals who don't want to play catch? Most cats don't want to play catch, they might do other things, but most don't retrieve things and play catch like dogs do, but it doesn't logically follow that you must slit a cat's throat.

- Dogs are cute
Why do you discriminate against animals based upon what they look like? If you come across a dog that isn't cute, are you compelled to slit their throat? If someone doesn't find your dog cute, is it okay for them to slit their throat? 

- Yeah but it's because I have a connection with my animal, they're like family. Killing animals outside my family is fine.
This is a direction comparison between humans and dogs. Therefore, you are saying that killing your dog would be bad because they're like family. Killing anyone outside your family is therefore fine, would you apply this to strangers then? A human stranger is not part of your family, unlike your dog. The argument of "you're humanizing animals" cannot be used, because you are the one humanizing animals in this case, comparing them to your family. Just because an animal or human is outside your family is no grounds to slit their throat. Also, think this through. If you have an animal that currently isn't in your family, you're arguing that it's fine to slit their throat. But if you chose to instead adopt them, then immediately it's abhorrent to slit that animal's throat. It's the same animal. Look at this from the animal's perspective, not your own. 

BlushEDIT: Oh, my! Thanks for the likes, guys!!! 
Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]EDIT 2: OMG! I MADE THE DEVIANTART FRONT PAGE WITH THIS COVER! Thank you all so much for your support and faves! :excited: 

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LalaAdanwenB Featured By Owner 5 days ago   General Artist
I would love to wear this on a t-shirt!:heart:
Pupaveg Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LalaAdanwenB Featured By Owner 3 days ago   General Artist
Ooooh!!*___* Sadly that's too expensive for me.;____; But I'm sure I'll keep coming back to your shop.:aww:
Pupaveg Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's okay! Thanks for your interest anyway. ^^
LalaAdanwenB Featured By Owner 2 days ago   General Artist
MolliWolf Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Just a wolf stopping by.
This is adorable, I love animals, and I am giving going vegan a shot, so......

Here's a fave for ya!
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! And good luck on your vegan journey! If you need advice, I'm here. Youtube is a good place to start for recipes.
MolliWolf Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I will keep that in mind. Thanks so much!
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:hug: You're welcome!
Crissila Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There are differences. Pigs can be made into bacon, and dog meat is expensive. I'll try it out though, any recipes you recommend?
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dogs can also be made into bacon and they're not expensive on the Yulin dog meat market. The point is that we don't need to kill any animal for food, there are plenty of other things to eat, even plants we can turn into vegan bacon.

#630: Vegan food is gross? (3) by Pupaveg
There are millions of recipes. Here is a handful of them:

Vegan chicken:…
Vegan pizza:…
Spicy tofu:…
Ramen noodles:…
Firm cheese:…
Mac 'n cheese:…

Youtube is a good place to learn. Pretty much everything you already eat can be veganized, so searching for "vegan *insert dish of choice*" will get you a lot of results.
tarathewolf921 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2019
cute pic XD 

but the reason why we eat pigs is because they are full of nutrients and dogs aren't

also dogs are domesticated animals and can be taught to save people like: rescue dogs and guide dogs.
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually dogs and pigs have similar nutrients. Dog is actually even healthier, because they're not genetically manipulated to grow absurdly fast for profit, unlike pigs. But the point is that thankfully we don't need to kill either of them to live long, healthy lives.

You can do the same with many other species. But why do you want to kill animals who don't want to play catch? Most cats don't want to play catch, they might do other things, but most don't retrieve things and play catch like dogs do, but it doesn't logically follow that you must slit a cat's throat. You may say that farm animals are "bred to be killed" and therefore cannot serve you. But the point is that someone's value is not determined by how well they can serve you. That is a very arrogant way of thinking our culture has taught us. Following this logic, if somebody has a dog living with them, and she is pregnant, then simply standing there and saying "When those puppies are born I am going to kill them all" would be enough justification for doing so. That of course is absurd. Basically, you are not in a position to determine the fate of an animal. If the argument is that some animals have been selectively bred for consumption, then again, that is not a justification. The entire process of selectively breeding them was done at the hands of humans, and all subsequent loss of life is at their say so and is entirely unnecessary.
tarathewolf921 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2019
what has killing puppies got to do with Piggies being more nutritious ?

also even if pigs and dogs have the same nutrients they are still gonna 

eat the pig over the dog because since pigs are fatter they will have more

higher value nutrients and vitamins and proteins than plants.

for every mouthful of steak I eat you will have to have an entire BOWLFUL of broccoli to measure up

I would like to point out that IT IS NECESSARY to slaughter animals because not only does it provide millions of jobs but it fulfills the cattle's purpose

cows, pigs and chickens are born and bred to be eaten because I highly doubt that you've seen a wild cow in the woods.

think of it as predator and prey

if there is no prey the predator will die of starvation

with no predator the prey will over populate and they will soon run out of food (plants won't have enough time to grow)

it's called the food chain

but that's my way of looking at....    
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
because since pigs are fatter they will have more
IT IS NECESSARY to slaughter animals because not only does it provide millions of jobs but it fulfills the cattle's purpose

That's because humans genetically manipulated wild cows (yes, they exist) to be that way. But that doesn't morally justify it. You wouldn't say that puppy mills who breed unhealthy dogs to look as small as possible are okay just because they're bred that way by humans and humans made that "their purpose", so how is this different? You are not in the position to determine the fate of an animal. Saying "they exist for the purpose of serving me" is slave keeper logic that has been used by every oppressor throughout history to justify what they're doing to their victims. And if people enslave and kill others, who do you think I (as someone who opposes oppression) will speak up for? The oppressors their right to enslave others? Or the victims? As for the "jobs" argument: Just because a product is available for purchase does not make everybody obliged to buy it. This argument becomes clearly absurd when you apply it to anything else - if you stop smoking, you'll be putting people out of jobs in the cigarette industry, so everyone has to smoke. Or, if you stop drinking alcohol, you'll be putting people out of jobs in the alcohol industry, so you have to drink. It makes no sense at all. Industries exist to meet a demand, and to make money from people. If people don't want those products, then that's not their fault, consumers are not obliged to buy everything on offer and fund every single industry out there. If consumers' money is not being spent on one item, it's being spent on another, which means there will be greater demand elsewhere, so the industries change over time to accommodate what consumers want. It doesn't mean job loss in the first place.

higher value nutrients and vitamins and proteins than plants.

This is false. There's nothing found in the dead body of an animal that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Protein is a nutrient, and is extremely easy to come across. If you are eating the correct RDA of total calories each day, then it is virtually impossible to be short of protein. Deficiency of protein is incredibly rare in modern society, and basically only affects people who are starving for whatever reason. It's not a concern for those who are eating a normal amount. The world health organization recommends between 5-10% of your daily calories to come from protein. So many common plant-based foods are in excess of that, many fall within that range, and only a few things like fruit fall slightly beneath. This really is not a concern for anybody. Enslaving and killing trillions of animals on a yearly basis for human greed and pleasure while killing the planet in the process is not "the food chain", nor "predator and prey", nor "nessecary". Animals are bred by humans for consumption. As more people go vegan, less animals are bred for consumption. As such, if everyone eventually goes vegan (which may not even happen, and if it did, would gradually take place over many years), then animals would no longer be farmed. So their population would not be an issue.

I hope you understand that.
tarathewolf921 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2019
people breed cows to FEED entire countries

people Breed dogs a certain to look cute ....

the difference between these two is that one is necessary and the other one is ridiculous because the dogs are living painful lives and constantly needing lotions and medicines whereas cows have healthy lives and are killed humanly to FEED people.

'there in nothing found in the dead bod of an animal'

Vitamin A

Vitamin B

Vitamin B12


Fatty acids


proteins are all found in meat.
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Edited Jan 19, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
people breed cows to FEED entire countries

Actually a lot more people who are currently starving would be able to eat if they didn't breed those cows for the greed of humans in the West. After all, for every pound of meat produced, up to 25 pounds of crops have been fed to an animal. Feeding over 58 billion animals a year will always require more crops than feeding 7.5 billion people on them. We could feed the planet 14 times over, all starving people included, if animal agriculture ceased to exist.

the difference between these two is that one is necessary

This is false as proven by all the hundreds of millions of vegans in the world.

and the other one is ridiculous because the dogs are living painful lives and constantly needing lotions and medicines

Same applies to 98% of all farm animals who are genetically manipulated, tortured, killed, pumped full of antibiotics and have tumors all over their bodies and are killed by the trillions every year.

and are killed humanly to FEED people.

Correction: and are killed mercilessly for human greed and pleasure, which is all unnessecary. Also, the words 'humane' and 'slaughter' put together, are what is known in the English language as an oxymoron, i.e. 2 words that contradict each other when put together. To use the term 'humane slaughter' is as nonsensical as to say 'humane rape', 'humane slavery', or 'humane holocaust'—regarding the latter point, some synonyms for 'slaughter' in the dictionary are 'bloodbath', 'massacre', and 'holocaust'... given that it does not make sense to use the term humane for any of those 3 words, neither can it make sense to say it for the word those synonyms derive from. Because no matter what you say about it, you would never want your loved ones to be treated like those animals in the slaughterhouse. And to determine wether or not something is humane, first ask yourself if you'd like it done to you. You wouldn't. Especially not if it's unnessecary. And an act of senseless violence does not suddenly become "humane" just because the gender, skin colour or the species of the victim is different from yours. It's still the same violent action. And honestly, judging from the number of victims and people participating in it, it's even worse than puppy mills.

Now moving on to nutrition! Many people (including my past self) are ignorant about nutrition, so they often just swallow whatever the industries tell them without questioning it. I'm not saying I blame these people for being ignorant; you can't know everything after all. So I hope these replies to each nutrient/vitamin are useful to you:

Vitamin A: In a lot of plants. Using meat as primary source of vitamin A is ill-advised because it's full of cholesterol and saturated fat which clogs your arteries. Examples of foods high in vitamin A are: spinach, dried apricots, sweet potato, pumpkin, kale, mango, carrots, butternut squash, broccoli, cantaloupe etc.

Vitamin B: Is not exclusive to meat, and healthier sources are plantbased. There are so many sources of plantbased B vitamins, I don't even know where to start. Just like protein, it is pretty much impossible to become deficient in this, unless you're starving yourself.

Vitamin B12: 
While we can only consume naturally occurring B12 via a.) eating animal products, b.) drinking dirty water, or c.) eating our own excrement (none of which I advise, by the way), B12 is readily available for vegans in many fortified foods (e.g. soy milk, Marmite, nutritional yeast, spreads), or can be consumed in the form of a supplement.

So is there any shame in consuming fortified foods or taking a supplement because the food you eat does not naturally provide it, as many non-vegans seem to think is a case to argue against veganism? Not at all! It turns out that, if like me, you live in a developed or developing country, you're pretty much a walking supplement advert—and you probably don't even realise it.

The bread you eat is fortified with vitamins (by law in certain countries, e.g. the UK); juices are fortified; cow milk has vitamins added to it during the manufacturing process; table salt often has iodine added to it; livestock animals are fed or injected with supplements; breakfast cereals are fortified; and unless they work outdoors, all meat/dairy/egg eaters (especially if they have darker skin) need to be taking a vitamin D supplement on a daily basis. All those listed foods are fortified because the vast majority of people (that's non-vegans) fail to get anywhere near adequate nutrition without them. So not only do non-vegans have no right to condemn vegans eating fortified foods or taking a supplement for B12 when 99% of non-vegans eat a heavily supplemented diet anyway, but it is actually advisable that you do eat fortified foods or take a supplement to cover your basic nutritional needs anyway.

#204: B12 (3) by Pupaveg

Calcium: Calcium is a metal, and comes from the earth. The only reason there is any calcium in cow milk (which I assume you're associating it with) in the first place is because that cow (who is a vegan, by the way), eats grass, soy, or whatever else is fed to them. The calcium content in milk is designed by nature to actually, believe it or not, raise a baby cow. Humans have no need to drink cow milk for calcium than they do rat milk, dog milk, or chimp milk. Good vegan sources of calcium include: dried herbs, sesame seeds, figs, tofu, almonds, flax seeds, Brazil nuts and kale. If you’re still unsure about calcium intake from just plants in a vegan diet, most vegan milks are fortified with calcium—so just consume those as you would do any cow milk.

Zinc: Also not exclusive to animal products. The common plant foods highest in zinc are legumes, nuts, seeds, and oatmeal. 

Protein: The idea that vegans need to worry about their protein intake in any way whatsoever is a myth that just will not die. The largest study of its kind in history showed that the average vegan gets 70% more protein than they actually need, every single day. And despite the myths that have been put out there (and in particular seem to be prevalent in the field of bodybuilding), no, you do not need to 'combine proteins' from different food groups to get complete proteins. As it turns out, the only food in the entire food supply that doesn't have a complete amino acid profile is a meat product (gelatin), so unless that's your only food source, you don't need to worry about combining proteins. Amino acids such as carnitine and creatine (found in meat) are actually not dietary amino acids—that is, there is no need whatsoever for humans to consume them, as our own body produces the perfect amount needed of those amino acids (which is how those acids got into the herbivorous cow or the lamb you're eating in the first place, i.e. their own body produced it). It actually turns out that human breast milk (the perfect food for human beings, fine-tuned for us over millions of years) has the lowest protein content of any animal milk in the world, less than 1% protein by weight. Given that no one reading this knows anyone who has ever died from protein deficiency, but knows several people who have died from cancer, protein is not a nutrient of concern for anyone, vegan or not. The strongest land animals on the planet (gorillas, rhinos, elephants, hippos, buffalo, etc.) all tend to be herbivores, thus fuel their superior muscle strength to any meat-eating human with a diet of plants, all of which have a full amino acid profile.

Fatty acids: Are you referring to Omega 3? That is also not exclusive to animal products. In fact: the animal products that contain it are a very unhealthy source because they're full of mercury, saturated fat, cholesterol and often antibiotics. Good plantbased sources are: flax seeds, walnuts, hemp seeds, kiwi, chia seeds, kale, sesame, tahini, edamame, tofu, avocado, wheat germ etc.

I think that about covers everything. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me.
tarathewolf921 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2019
first of all, thank you for the biology lesson, quite interesting :)

second of all, are you referring to organic farms or intensive farms because the methods to kill animals here aren't done in organic farms

thirdly, I agree that intensive farming Is cruel and it should be stopped and I fully support you on that point ;)

lastly i had a look at the starving countries and the ones in the eastern countries and they seem to have a lot of farm land there and crops.

if what you said about plants is correct and that humans can only live on plants then why are the countries with mostly crops starving ? unless I'm seeing it all wrong....

lastly (again, I know XD) I mentioned that I'm an omnivore that usually eats fruit, vedge and dairy with the occasional ham sandwich. do you consider me to be a 'murderer' or 'rapist' like you do with people who strictly eat meat or are you chill with me ?

I would also like to state that if I came off as rude or unfriendly, I'm sorry, your comics which, are very well drawn btw rubbed me the wrong way.

you just came off as patronizing and condescending BUT I hold nothing against you I'm sure your a lovely person Hug 

Pupaveg Featured By Owner Edited Jan 20, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1. You're welcome.
2. I am referring to both. The animals on organic farms live different lives, but eventually they're shipped out to the same slaughterhouses factory farmed animals go to. A slaughterhouse is just a place where animals are killed. There are no "nice" slaughterhouses.
3. Aye!

There are multiple reasons why there is still starvation in the world. Wars, dictatorship and bad government are examples of those reasons. But the leading cause of world hunger is animal agriculture. You see, for every pound of meat we produce in the west, up to 25 pounds of crops have been fed to an animal. It's like opening your fridge, pull out 25 plates of pasta, throw 24 of them right into the trash and only eat one. It's an incredibly inefficient way of producing food. To produce this absurd amount of crops, rainforests and habitats in 3rd world countries (such as the Amazon) are being destroyed/burnt down to create space for cattle and their feed crops (hence why you see so many crop fields around there: the majority of crops produced globally isn't even for humans, it's for the 58 billion farm animals we breed every year). Did you know that this drives tens of thousands(!) of endangered species to extinction every single year, and that therefore animal agriculture is therefore also the leading cause of species extinction? And that millions of people in 3rd world countries depend on the rainforests to survive, but after Western animal agriculture cuts them down, they starve to death? And all this mass-destruction... for what? Because humans like the taste of bacon, cheese and sausage? Things there are thousands of different of vegan versions of anyway?

I don't consider you a murderer and rapist. I just think that you haven't thought about this before. I used to be a cattle rancher myself, I never thought about it back then. And before I became a cattle rancher, I honestly didn't even know that animals were being sexually violated (they don't naturally breed themselves by the billions). In other words: I was a product of my culture. I ate meat because my parents did and I blindly copied them without questioning it. But after realizing that my choice harmed others horribly, especially animals and starving children (I always had a weak for starving people), I took responsibility and changed. That's why I started drawing these comics. Because I know that most people today are ignorant about the impact of their choices on animals and the planet. And don't worry, I completely understand why my comics made you feel uncomfortable. It's all new information to most people, which is not in line with their currently held beliefs. I can't force violent people to change, but I can inform them; I can raise awareness. I have my rights as a woman and person of colour today because of people in the past speaking out for me. So I will do the same for any other group that’s still oppressed today. Education is the key to end oppression.

And don't worry about long replies, or being rude etc. I honestly don't mind if people are rude to me, and I don't even mind if people insult me. I'm here to speak on behalf of the animals, the starving people and the planet. Not for myself. :peace:
(1 Reply)
TigerGirl-Tiggy620 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Very cute and very true!
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ^_^
EmanuelTheodorus Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019
Too bad both of these animals are considered taboo for muslims.
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Edited Jan 2, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unless it's convenient for them, like when it comes to using dogs as target practice for the army. :roll:
EmanuelTheodorus Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2019
Or using their names as swear words.
Trust me, in Indonesia, they will swear at you using animal names if you piss them. I've been in this situation too many times.
EmeraldOverlord Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Good lord, what the hell is wrong with these people? They get mad when we call them out on their hypocrisy and they play the victim? The indoctrination and ignorance is burning me! This comment section is awful and full of people who want to justify their bad habits even when billions suffer the consequences for it.
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Edited Dec 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I know. Cognitive dissonance is often taken out on the messenger, and the oppressor often erases the actual victims in all this (animals) so they can play the victim instead. Because if there's no victim in their mind, it means that they're being criticized for no reason, which makes them the victim. But in the end, they're the ones who are violating others their bodily rights and the planet, and that's what they should realize. It's good that the comment section is full of these people: it means that my message is getting out there. And judging from the number of notes I got with people asking me on how to become vegan, it worked out well.
smashdugo Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2018
I don't think cat meat Will taste good
smashdugo Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2018
Sorry it's not a cat, it's a dog

Some tacos are made of dog meat (the cheapest one), the taste it's similar, but you Will probably get sick
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You probably will on the long term. Red and processed meat from any animal (not just dogs) are class 1 carcinogens after all, in the same carcinogenic class as asbestos and smoking, according to the World Health Organization.
smashdugo Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2018
well most of the food in modern times it's heavely procesed, if i would want clean unprocesed meat, i will probably need to hunt of them(even tough, whit the enviromental pollution, i don't think even that way will be 100% clean), and thath in the modern wold itś imprcatical and itś seems as unetical

most of the modern food have a ,lot of added chemicals; for put an example will be monosodium glutamate, and aditive that it's  in almost every  procesed food, it's found in ceral, potato chips, meat and some sauces, for put and example…

it will be hard all carcinogenic,but there are options, but not every one have the monetary capacity to go full vegan(or ezquimo diet in the other side of the expectrum)

but in the end eat dog meat it's bad, but when you are esting tacos sometimes you are not sure if it's beef(or pork), or dog
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Edited Dec 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, there are indeed a lot of unhealthy processed foods. And carcinogens like aspartame are legal because the companies who produce it (despite it being rejected over 14 times!) pay lots of money to get it into products anyway. Most companies don't care about people's health, they only care about maing profit and the more addictive sugars and flavours they add, the more their products will sell. The meat industry being one of the worst, because their products are class 1 carcinogens, meaning the worst carcinogens of them all.

but not every one have the monetary capacity to go full vegan

Actually that is not true. As a matter of fact, veganism can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be. But pound for pound, a plant-based diet is by far the least expensive one on the planet, given that the staple foods of the most poverty-stricken societies worldwide are rice, beans, lentils, potatoes, bread, and so forth. For much of the world, meat and animal products are a luxury item. Indeed, we even unknowingly promote the cheapness of a plant-based diet when we use such common phrases as "cheap as chips" and "living on the breadline". We don't say, "cheap as steak" or "living on the lobsterline".

LiteralSnek Featured By Owner Edited Dec 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dogs would gladly go and eat a pig, though.
...I think I will continue eating meat, now.
Try and change my mind.
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, a pig would certainly eat my dogs... they're tiny XD Thankfully humans don't have to kill animals because we have perfect control over our killing urges.
CrazyWendigoCat Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018
spike234070 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

I'm not here to argue with you, I just wanted to ask you something as well as the people scrolling through the comments.

As part of the Vet Med Program at my school I took a Livestock Management class, something we learned was that the parts that aren't used as food are used in other things such as makeup, some sports equipment, etc.

My question is: what is your opinion on wearing makeup?

I only ask because I'm curious, please forgive me if this is at all insensitive. Thank you for reading.
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I don't wear make-up often personally. But there's plenty of vegan make-up, my favourite lipgloss being of a brand called Beauty Without Cruelty (BTW). The same applies to many other products, for which there are plenty of alternatives. However, at this moment, animals and animal products are used in so many ways that it is near impossible to actually live in a way that avoids using any item, device or vehicle which has no connection with animal exploitation. But that difficulty is no reason to continue to be involved with the things which are extremely easy to avoid, and which form the bulk of demand for animal exploitation. Veganism isn't about dogmatically and irrationally saying "I am perfect, I harm nothing". It is about recognising the harm that is being done by our society, and trying to make a change, avoid being part of it - as far as we can. In future, as more and more people go vegan, there will be more and more alternatives developed because research will be put into new technology. Right now we are a minority, so why would giant corporations be saying "Hmm, what can we use in car tyres apart from this small amount of animal ingredients?" But as the world changes, those things will follow, and animal use will continue to decline, so it will be easier to avoid animal use in other areas of life.
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Hi hi! :aww:

As a fellow vegan, I really appreciate the message you are trying to send. And I understand it's hard when trolls give you cookie cutter responses.
I really want a lot of other people to follow suit as well, but please remember to be non-judgmental, and understand that some people have to take baby steps, and sometimes can only reduce their consumption rather than cut it out entirely.
Being vegan is a wealth privilege in addition to a health privilege. Some people's bodies are not suited for alternative proteins like you and I ^^   Just remember to be kind and non-argumentative - you catch many more flies with sugar than vinegar.
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Paragraph 1: definitely and scientifically true
Paragraph 2: untrue
Paragraph 3: technically true but borderline parody sounding
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Just repeating what she said. Trying to make her realize what she said was insane.
Kastraz Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
What the fuck
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Just repeating what you said.
Kastraz Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
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I think you need to go to a slaughterhouse and realize that what's happening there needs to end and you are spitting in the face of the victims by saying activism is "in your face."

Go get captured by traffickers, become a slave with no rights, and then see if you think those fighting to end trafficking should "tone it down" for the victims.

And Pupa was IMMENSELY nice to your selfish ass. Just because you don't care about animals and the victims like the rest of us doesn't mean we are doing anything wrong. Pupa and I both have turned hundreds vegan by our activism. How many have you turned TRULY vegan with your cowardice and lack of care for the necessity of ending these atrocities?

And don't just give a link by itself. That can be identified as spam or a link to a virus.
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I think your anger might be clouding your thoughts. Don't assume I don't understand exactly where you're coming from. I didn't choose to be vegan because I thought it was a neat fad or something lol ^^;
Either way, we shouldn't be arguing ^^  We have the same goals. All I'm saying is there is incredible importance in using empathy to others to reach these goals. I don't want to see our movement being sullied any more by anger, okay?
Thank you for understanding! And please calm down.

(And thank you for the link advice <3 )
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If you think Pupa is being "aggressive" than you are quite delusional. She's being astronomically friendly and nice. You can't be a pussy when talking about a serious topic such as animal and child abuse. And if you let yourself get pushed around and tell people it's okay for them to do the things they are doing you are only showing them that they are doing nothing wrong and it's not serious.

If you aren't angry about animal abuse, you don't care the way you should.
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To offer an alternative to animal abuse is not to judge someone. Indeed, if somebody is talking to you about the subject, it should suggest to you that they think that you *do* care about animals, and so their judgement of you is positive - they are saying "Surely you wouldn't want to be involved with this?". If they had a negative judgement of you, they wouldn't even bother with you, and would assume you have no compassion for animals, which surely isn't true for many of the people here, right? - Vegan Sidekick

Some people's bodies are not suited for alternative proteins like you and I

Actually that is not true. Your body doesn't stop and think "Oh, this protein didn't come from meat, but from plants, so I won't process it!" It doesn't care. Protein is protein. There is no such thing as an unique kind of protein that's only found in meat.

Just remember to be kind and non-argumentative - you catch many more flies with sugar than vinegar.

I'll always try to be polite, but I will not sugarcoat the truth, I am not an apologist. As Vegan Sidekick said: "If you want help, I’ll try to help. If you want to defend animal abuse, I’ll defend the animals. Its pretty simple. I know I might come across like a jerk sometimes but people who know me face to face I’m sure would tell you that I’m a down to earth, easy going person. But if you want to tell me that suffocating baby chicks is okay, or stabbing a pig in the neck is great, then yeah, you will run into problems, internet or not. This page is about veganism and so this is basically the only side of me that comes across - the side that is passionate about animal rights. Talk to me about video games, board games or Buffy and it will be a different story. But this animal cruelty shit is serious so that’s how I come across."

Kastraz Featured By Owner Edited Dec 16, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I understand :aww:  I know it's really tough, and the state of the world is really awful.

Please just remember what I've said, maybe think about it for a while, okay? Coming across as a 'jerk' as you've put it, might be doing more harm to our cause than good ^^
It's the reason why vegans have such a negative reputation, right? I'd really like to see change within that, and to get more people on our side. Thank you for understanding!
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Please, don't be a jerk to child rapists. It gives a bad reputation to those who are against raping children. Thank you for understanding!
Pupaveg Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The reason why I come across as a "jerk" is because I don't sugarcoat reality, I tell people how things really are. And because the truth is inconvenient for those who take advantage of animals, stating inconvenient facts (such as that animal agriculture is the leading cause of global deforestation and species extinction) may feel like the messenger is a "jerk", no matter how "kindly" you put it. And if being told facts is what one finds disturbing, the problem is all on them, not on me. Non-vegans don't hate vegans because they're "jerks". Non-vegans hate vegans beause they represent the feelings they're trying to seperate themselves from, because vegans care about their victims. It is the same reason why people concerned about dogs are hated by the Chinese people who participate in the Yulin dog meat festival, and why bullies hate people who tell that that bullying is wrong. Because why take responsibility for your actions if you can attack the messenger instead? It's a defence mechanism, which comes forth from vegans which have threatened anti-vegans their positive self image that they’re good people... who just happen to pay people to kill animals. This makes some people feel the need to take vegans and put them ethically below them to feel good about their unethical (dietary) choices.
Because if there are a lot of vegans that are worse people than them, then they don’t have to be vegan, they don’t have to listen to vegans and it could just be dietary business as usual, paying to kill animals and the earth without thinking about their victims. Maybe I went too deep, maybe they don’t even know this yet. But it’s true. I’m not saying that there isn’t that rare vegan who crosses the line of agression, and I’m not encouraging vegans to be aggressive. But we do need some perspective here. What harm did vegans really do to people? This harm does not and will never compare to the harm that I for example did to animals back when I ate them or that non-vegans are currently doing. The point is that, as much as people want it to be, what happens between two human parties will NEVER be a justification to harm animals.

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