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Sparkler and Dinky

Sparkler (or Amethyst Star) is another character who made a fleeting appearance in an EQG short, but I've been wanting to do something with her ever since.  I decided to give her outfit during the closing seconds of the song a happier color... as well as a set of matching kicks, since you don't get to see her shoes.  Also my third Doo/Hooves family related submission in the past 30 days, but who's counting?
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I really like your picture of Sparkler and Dinky. You haven't made any new pictures for nearly a year! Can you please come back as soon as possible?

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can i make a base for dinky here?
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Wow! Great design for Dinky! Although I prefer the purple color for Amy more (the reason is in my username) This color made these two look a lot more like sister :) (Also, I love that you put this picture right before Thunderlane and Rumble's picture, as you might remember, I ship Amethyst Star and Thunderlane :p)
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I also considered her runway look, but I didn't really care for it...

I was thinking about continuing a background pony siblings theme for a bit after Thunderlane and Rumble, but I couldn't decide between Carrot Top/Noi, Cloud Kicker/Alula, Berry Punch/Piña Colada, or Fluttershy/Zephyr Breeze.
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How about that pair of eco-sister Carrot and Noi?
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you did a good job with these, they're so cute!
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Can you do a one with Thunderlane and Rumble
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Dinky reminds me of Tiny Kong. That white shirt with those blue overalls.
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