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Father's Day 2015

A few hours early, but considering that I've been working on this since Mother's Day, I wanted to get this up.  Plus I'll be out of the country for 10 days starting Wednesday, so...

From left to right:

Mr. Carrot Cake, father of Pound and Pumpkin
Night Light, father of Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor
Nightjar, father of Zipporwhill
Igneous Rock, father of Maud, Pinkie, Limestone, and Marble
Hondo Flanks, father of Rarity and Sweetie Belle
Seabreeze (his infant child is not named in the episode)
Filthy Rich, father of Diamond Tiara
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Wait. The Breezie leader is male? Shocked 
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Mr. Shy- Father of Fluttershy and Sephyr Breeze
Mr. Smith- Father of Granny Smith and her two brothers (R.I.P)
Big Daddy McColt- Head of the McColt family
Former Dragon Lord Torch- Father of Current Dragon Lady Ember
Coriander Cunim- Father of Saffron Masala
Grandpa Gruff- He's a Grandpa so he must've been a Regular Pa at some point
Sunspot- Father of Sunburst
Captain Shining Armor- Father of Princess Flurry Heart

but this came out in 2015 so I don't blame you
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I started an update for 2016 but only got Lord Torch completed by Father's Day...  so many 'new' fathers in just one year.

And ironically Rainbow Blaze still was not confirmed.
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Rainbow Blaze may not even be his name. the only thing we know about him is that he´s biologically related to Dash, which doesn´t make him a father
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I can use this??
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What are you planning to do?
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A new version of the father's day (2016).
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I have something in mind myself, actually... but I'm not sure it's going to be done in time.  I was just going to use the four "new" fathers introduced in the past 365 days... Shining Armor, Big Daddy McColt, Mr. Shy, and Lord Torch.

Of course, finding a way to fit Torch into a scene with the other three is no picnic...
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You can put the links of the vectors of these characters???
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My computer crashed last July.  Everything before Fluttergoalie was wiped out, so I don't have the individual vectors any more.  It's one of the reasons that I didn't add Seabreeze's wife to Mother's Day... the wings were a pain to do, and I was to lazy to make them again for one very minor character.
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Isn't Rarity's father supposed to be named Magnum? Or did I miss an episode?
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Not just fathers, but GOOD fathers. (Even Mr. Rich recognizes that his filly needs her behavior straightened out.)
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you miss RD 's Dad
and where big mac lol xD
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I figured someone would ask about "Rainbow Dad" eventually... the thing is, there's no official word about whether the stallion in "Games Ponies Play" was RD's father, uncle, older brother, or a family friend.

Mac ain't a Daddy in canon, although fanon gives him infinite offspring...
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i just joke about big mac ^^
and i understand your reason
This is still a cool picture :)
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Probably the Daddy Mane Six plus Seabreeze.  Seabreeze, you're the new Spike.
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