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yesterday, i saw (again?!!) Futurama, it was "The Route of All Evil".
It's a very good episode : Cubert and the son of Hermes Dwight start a competing delivery company.
In parallel, Bender makes beer inside of him, it's very very funny cause he's react like he's pregnant
"they're something growing up inside of me...sniff" ahah!!
When he's confined of his last beer, we can see Fry put a label on the last bottle.
So i would like to draw this one in good quality.
it will do a nice wallpaper!
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Great one, funny you added both points over the e and not the a, because ä would be correct in german.
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personally, i love it too much! i wanna put it on a t-shirt... i only need the right color :yum:

tu as idé une chose magnifique! >3<
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It will be awesome on a t-shirt!
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HEY! BUT U DON'T KNOW IT? X°°°D they yet sell t-shirt with ur fanart on! X3
try to search on the web "berderbrau" and "bernderbrau t-shirt" and then give a look at the results XD
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hi! I looked and found many benderbrau stuff but it's not my fanart, it's an official 20century Fox advertising, we can see the difference in the Font used to make it.
Beside, many sites upload my drawing and use it on their own wallpaper downloading page and (of course) delete all the credits!!!
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nooo t.t
yup they do =.=***
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yep, i think it's inevitable...
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but it's against the copyright! ò__ò"
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just art theft...
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Mmmmm. I love me some Benderbrau.
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man i would love to get hammered off benderbrau
just to say i drank bender's special brew :P
everyone knows its cool to drink cos bender does
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me too!!
if bender does, it can't be wrong!
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Oh.. i :heart: Bender!!!
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He's great!
Bender Bending Rodriguez, hecho in Mexico!
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ooohh my, i didin't know that!! :S
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S03E05 (3ACV01) - Amazon Women in the Mood - 8'36"

no, i'm not a fan!
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wow looks just like that lable from the show! ^_^ excelent work!
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Dude, if there was a t-shirt with this drawing on it, i would soooooo buy it! Great job!
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oh yeah, it could be great!! Thanks!
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Looks originally, meh! I like such a pictures (not a beer) with refersions to real things.
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