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Es una maravilla, de verdad :D
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 I don't typically post on people's art, but damn, your stuff is great. I'm also working towards photo realism, and your art is a great source of inspiration. Great job. How long have you been drawing for?
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Oh thank you, i'm glad you apprecite my work, this kind of comment are my source of ispiration. I don't remember the accurate hours for this work, i guess about 25-30 hours of actual work.
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You've achieved realism without trying to make it overly photo-realistic, something which most palaoartists struggle with nowadays. A lot of them seem to render their dinosaurs with sloppy anatomy and then think it looks believable by slapping photoshopped skin over the top. This conveys so much more life, and it's lovely to see a scene where the dinosaur isn't portrayed as a monster.
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Thanks a lot... when i draw a paleo illustration i prefer to show a piece of a real life of the animal, that isn't always with its open mouth to roar to nothing or to rip tons of flesh...sometimes happens, but not all the time ;)
Sorry for my bad english e thanks for your comment.
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No problem :) . And trust me, your English is a lot better than pretty much, well, my everything, haha...
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that us so realistic 
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my dear brother, Puntotu!

your robust ceratops are a beautiful imagination about these dinosaurs....3D position of a face with a robust thigh...thank you very much for share them with us....I prefer muddy ground of your pictures to dusty ground of Mohamad Haghani art....late cretaceous was humid!

However, I have an advise for you.....late cretaceous was a colorful world...colorful flowers and some insects related to flowers (ladybirds, moth, wasp), birds, dragonfly, snail, fruit tree exist in late cretaceous....volcano and dust air related to volcano smoke and flowers pollination can add such things to your pictures for making a better imagination about Tyrannosaurs and ceratops life.....

I hope my advise do not make you is just an friendly advice from a lonely biologist.....I always like your art very much!
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I collect any kind of opinion, whether it is positive or negative, whether question of that advice, as long as expressed in a polite and courteous, and your comment seems very polite, so do not see why I get angry. It 's true that at that time there were many colors and various forms of life, but I wanted to hold the shot on a small mud puddle where a specimen of Xenoceratops looking for a bit of relief from the incessant nuisance pest. I do not exclude that in the future will reclaim the same animal in an environment similar to what you described. Thank you so much
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this is so beautiful!! the details and the different textures are amazing!
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I knew you were a great artist, but this is just ridiculous quality.
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I'm sorry, whenever I spot something I'm going to attempt
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What? I think you misunderstood; I meant this is really great.
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