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APH: russian emoticons

By PunPuniChu
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lol, please don't take this seriously

okay, earlier I noticed that it seems that a lot of russians use brackets as emoticons. Like ))) instead of : )))
Actually they are the ONLY ones I see writing them like this.
At first I didn't know what it meant either but an artist explained it in his comments.
Well, now we have Hetalia...
:icondess-hime: asked me if there is really no one else who uses them and as far as I know - not really D:

Actually when I rped Ivan on formspring I let him use those brackets as emoticons because I'm a sucker for little details like that orz
Please don't feel creeped out hahaha :'D
I just think... he would use them?
And I think of him trying to keep his messages grammatically correct and business-like and that he would refuse using net speak. I could see him being more of a letter-person anyways because it's more personal (It may or may not has to do with a certain fanfic.)
Since Alfred has the body and mind of a teenager I think he would write net speak. No big words, he just wants to exchange information as quickly as possible.
English is not my first language so if some parts are still wrong I apologize.

Yes, I downloaded the russian version of the MSN-messenger just so I could do THIS.
No, I actually have a life *sob*
I know, it is hard to believe, but it is true...
I... I don't know. I think I will keep my MSN like that.

Many thanks to my friend who played Alfred in this (':
It was fun.

Yeah, and since it was kinda lame to just post a screenshot I added facepalming!Ivan below.
He's probably thinking "What did I ever do to deserve this? What??? *sob*" It was just a quick doodle with some pseudo himaruya-esque coloring D: Please ignore if it hurts your eyes.

Hm, I just noticed though... the eyeless smiley kind of fits Ivan if you think of his trademark smile that rarely reaches his eyes.
And then we have my weird fetish for eyeball torture.


I get the feeling I think too much about this.
Way, way too much.
I will stop now.
Please don't kill me.
I just thought I should make something cracky for a change :'D *fails*

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1 bracket - smile
2 bracket - ironia, rofl
3 bracket - LOL xD
4 bracket, nules ")))00))))0)))" and more - AHAHAHAHAHHAHAH LMAAAAAO WHAT A FUCK AHAHAHA

also - schoolboys and girls in russian social networks writing like this, or usual people in funny sarcasm tone "hehehe lol kek lmao)))))))))"

Уважайте советское наследие, товарищи!
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Суки вы ахуели над советскими смайлами смеяться?))))))))))))))))))))))))
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sl1fkaHobbyist General Artist
okay but windows messenger

remember when that was a thing
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shinymewtwoxHobbyist Artist
god dammit Alfred don't make fun of the здорово подсолнечника бог: Ivan XD
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starYoshi14Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now all I can think of are the yellow emotes running around without their eyes too...

Thanks America.
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Hmm, u can't understand many brackets, but u use too many '?' or '!', isn't it same?
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SHALI23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm not into Hetalia or anything like that but this is just too funny.
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Funny. Ivan's English is a lot better than Alfred's! 
Я изучаю русский язык. Можно сказать мне что значит "заблокировать"?
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заблокировать = ban, ingore, block, lock
В зависимости от контекста.
Да, не прошло и полгода.
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MaxUniqueHobbyist Traditional Artist
How funny! As Russian, I had the same situation on SC2Mafia forum when noone knew what do my brackets in the end of each sentence mean))
They even thought it was sort of coding and called me mafia XD
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Yeah, on special Russian Mem-OS-Anime-Evrything-Pedia says, that if u use ")))" on Pindos blog, everybody will know, that u're from Russia. They have link here (lurkmore.to/%D0%A1%D0%BC%D0%B0…
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nadjalovescandyHobbyist General Artist
Oh. I thought the brackets were used worldwide. My whole life was a lie...
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Oye22Student Traditional Artist
Yeah, if you used those brackets on me, I'd have to ask...
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NekoLadyProductionsStudent General Artist
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Oh my goodness!  THANK YOU!  I have a Russian penpal who uses brackets just like that!  I had no idea what he was trying to get across and I felt it was kinda rude to ask. 

I do not think that you think about this too much.  I love the details.  For example, Russians traditionally make blini, NOT pancakes.  So when Russia is making pancakes in a fic, it drives me nuts.  I love the little details.

Oh!  I love the picture!  It's perfect.
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QuinnRileyStudent General Artist
Why do people do :DDDDD instead of just :D or even :)? Is it just for emphasis?
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Luna-Mini-MilkaHobbyist General Artist
Yep, it is for emphasis
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TangledTabby876Hobbyist Digital Artist
ivan knows how to make a facepalm look sexy
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SAKI-LYNStudent Traditional Artist

I agree with your take on their internet personaLities.

...and I beLieve I have encountered that )))) with the Russians I know on dA as weLL.

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linor4Hobbyist General Artist
lol i never noticed that. srsly you never used )) as emoticons? '-' u ar from our planet lol joke. also i never used them.
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I am from Russia and I speak English very bad((( And I spent about 10 minutes to transcribe speech Alfred))))) I never thought that the russian can be identified by ")))" It is true that other people do not use")))" ?
P.S. And one more things *cough*. Dear PunPuniChu! Your Ivan...as our American friends speak... just AWESOME) Many thanks for your work!
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TaNa-JoStudent Digital Artist
chatting with too many russians in russian made me to use the brackets out of those chats,too OДO

Haha seriously... people are asking the same question, cause they dont understand))
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Joe-4-KerrHobbyist General Artist
It helps me to identify people from my country in multiplayer games and realize that I'll hear something about my mother and that my team is doomed to loose.
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Durch-Leiden-FreudeHobbyist General Artist
all my russian friends in dA does that as well XD
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