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:pointr: Photoshop Brushes
:pointr: Fonts
:pointr: Photoshop Patterns
:pointr: Textures
:pointr: Desktop Wallpapers


:star: // RULES:

If you use my resources, please:

:pointr: If possible, give credit with a link

:pointr: Comment/Note/Email/Something with a link to your work so I can have an idea of how my resources are used. :)

:pointr: Don't resubmit/redistribute them anywhere without my permission. In that case, you MUST give credit and/or link back to my dA account. And of course, don't say that you made them.

:pointr: Commercial use is allowed, but If you're gonna make money out of it, the least you can do is asking first. Giving credit is a plus too. Or sending me a sample of your work. Or a few dollars (you can make a donation through PayPal to rominachamorro@gmail.com).

:pointr: You can comment and let me know what you like about my work and what can be improved, so I can get better.

:pointr: And last but not least, HAVE FUN!!! :boogie:

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i love your work so much. i would like to ask your permission to use your ps pattern sets for my 3d clothing shop. Thanks :)
Hi, I am opening a small Etsy shop and would love to use some of your designs in my work. I will be making flat images and selling them to download/print, would it be possible to use your beautiful creations this way? I will email you the images I am interested in and give credit and a link to you through the shop, if the pattern sells, I am more than happy to work out a percentage of the cost with you.

Let me know what you think!
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Un adoptable se toma como un trabajo comercial? :)
Awesome! I love the resources! Can i use them for my mobile app design? Thanks for your sharing~
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www.facebook.com/My.Workpage?r… I need to design an emblem with a Parachute in for the members in my section and I was hoping to get parachute bushes so that we can get T-Shirts printed before we deploy. I added a link to facebook to give you an idea of what we do in the Army so you are welcome to have a look but no I haven't used your brushes yet. Anyway, I thought you might be able to help but it's cool. I'll draw it by hand. The brushes makes me lazy to draw in any case. Thanks.
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Would I be able to use your brushes to make some logo's/ birthday invitations for small commercial use?
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Could I use your brushes on my blog as a part of design. by the way awesome work
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Amazing talent! Thank you for sharing your hard work!
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Hello, I was wondering if I could use these patterns for some freelanced holiday posters I'm creating. I love them!
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Hi! I was wondering if I could use your brushes on my scrapbooking paper that I make and sell... Your work is so gorgeous!
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Hi! I love your resources, and I was wondering if it would alright for me to use them in my designs for Zazzle (POD site). Thanks! :3
hello, I would like to use your images for a flyer, on the occasion of a vintage flea market near rome! i can?
Awesome! great brushes!!! I do digital art journaling/scrap kits! I would love to be able to use your brushes!!! Let me know!! thank you!!!
Hi, I would like to use your brushes in my canvas tote bags. I wanted to donate money, but they are not allowing payment to card holders in argentina now?? i dont know whats going on.. i will try again later. Thank you so much!
In some graphic work (this is not my real job), I Would like to use your retro ornaments on a marriage card which could be commercialized. Is that possible ? If I really do it, I will show you.
Thanks you
Claire (from France)
Hi i wondered if I could amend and use your work to illustrate a special need chidrens book ? If it ends up profitable I will of course donate for the images. Will follow the rules and put the link in the credits of the book. Many thanks, they are perfect :D
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Of course you can use the resources, thanks for asking! :)
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
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I wanna use one of your brushes for a digimon sig banner :)
Hi! I used one of your Brushes from the Vintage Model Brush Set, I used it for our dormitory floor t-shirts.

Here's the link:
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used one of your coat of arms here [link] ... and planning on using it again, because I'm using it as my stable emblem :)
I am using a couple of the wing brushes on some cards I hope to sell. Is that ok, I can definitely put a link to your resources on both my card site and my Wordpress blog. I can link you to the card too when posted.

Your work is lovely. My son is the one who showed me some of the brushes so I look forward to exploring more of your work.

Thank you
Hello again! I did donate for the Wing set which I used on the cards and also have links on my site so others can find you too!!Just wanted you to know.
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Awesome brushes!
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