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Photoshop Patterns - Pack 21

For Photoshop 7 and above (not sure about previous versions).




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thanks a lot very nice
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They are amazing!
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hey there~ thanks for sharing these amazing patterns! used one of them! gave credits! ^__^ here's the link ~> [link]
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Thanks for letting me know! :)
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I really like them!

Just a suggestion for future submissions, maybe you should mention what version of the program you used to create the resource.
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I do that with the brushes, but I always forget with the patterns... I made the brushes with 7 and the patterns with CS2... don't they work with previous versions? I should try them with 7 to make sure. Thanks for the advice. :)
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Great great! but I've got one question, darling. How do you use these patterns? which means... how can I work with them?
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Here are two ways you can load them to Photoshop: [link]
And see the step 3 of this tutorial: [link]
Hope that helps. :)
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