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Photoshop Patterns - Pack 03

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For Photoshop 7 and above (not sure about previous versions).




:deviation: DONATIONS: If you enjoy my resources and would like to donate for the cause (especially if you use them for stuff you'll be making a profit of), or if you have an extra dollar you'd like to share with me, you can do it through PayPal to rominachamorro@gmail.com
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Thank you so much!  I'm lovin' your work!
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Thanks for share.
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. Thanks for share
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Downloading this pack. Thanks!
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I plan on using some of these for my page widget design. Thank you for providing.
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Muy lindosss muchas gracias.
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Thank you so much for sharing! These are going to be so much fun to play with!
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Hiya! Thank you for creating such awesome patterns! I've used one as a background for my deviantART ID! It was amazing and thank you once again! :heart:

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Glad you find them useful! :)
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Yup ^.^ It was awesome
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pretty patterns can't wait to use
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omg PLEASE please make these jpg file please I love them!
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Sure, as soon as I can I will. :)
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aww, they're soooo cute. :aww:
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AWW, SO CUTE! I luff them all =D If I use any of them, I will be sure to notify you and give you credit. :heart:

*smiles* (^-^)
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Thank you! Glad you like them. :)
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mm....cherry.. :} nice pack!
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