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Brush Set 42 - SwirlyScribbles

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Some more doodles I made


For Photoshop 7 and above.
Image pack included, in case you have a previous PS version and these brushes don't work for you or if you use a different software. :)



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I love these, thank you!
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simple but perfect
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Very nice brush!!! :)
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i love swirlies!
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I used your these on a couple of my pieces. They worked really well. Just wanted to say thanks and give you credit. :D

Links to the work: [link] [link]

Thanks again,

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might use on a high school yearbook ad with a starbucks type of feel. thanks so much.
Hi - I'll post when I'm done, but this is exactly what I've been looking for. It is for commercial work, but I'm doing it pro-bonum since it is a very small, local business. I'm hoping this is ok - please let me know if it's not. It seems ok from your rules list. I can't credit since it's a flyer, but I'll post a link on my blog! Love, love, LOVE this pack!!!
Beautiful brushes. Thanks!
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uhh..what do i do if it shows up on notepad...?
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Ummm... I don't think I understand your question... maybe you're talking about the .txt file in the .zip? There are three files: a .txt with the rules, a folder with the image pack and the .abr (brushes).
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ooooh, yeah your right :P thanks :)
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I used it here [link] if you don't mind taking a look ;-):blowkiss:
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Thanks for letting me know! :)
I've been looking for something like this for a looong time, these are the best brushes around! However, I'm new to this whole design process and I can't seem to download the brushes correctly. Sorry for the ignorance, but can anyone help me please?
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Just click on the Download button to the left and you'll get a .zip containing the brushes and the image pack. :)
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These are so pretty!!!!!!!!
I loves them!
these are very comfortable to creative ! Thanx. Arigato.
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Can I have the imagepack?
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Sure you can. :D
Actually, you already have it... check your email. :XD:
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