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Brush Set 41 - Leftovers 2

Images from a dictionary. :XD:


For Photoshop 7 and above.
Image pack included, in case you have a previous PS version and these brushes don't work for you or if you use a different software. :)




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I would like to use this on my yearbook. Would that be alright? Example, for table of contents, I would use one brush. Like a symbol for every section. Please let me know! And beautiful work! :thumbsup:
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Use this on my website

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Hi! I'd like to use one of these on a flyer for a local writing event. Would that be ok? :)
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Thank you very much!
♥ IT!!
this is really cool! thank you for sharing ^_^
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No problem! Enjoy! :)
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Thanks a ton! I used them here: [link]
Lovely! Thanks so much
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hello, i love your brush sets they are so cool! If i use any for what i have in mind (stationary) then ill let you know, send you a link and donate a little money :) thanks again!!!
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Glad you find them useful!! :)
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:+fav: i used your corona brush in here [link]
thank you :peace:
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No, thank you!!! :D
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i used your gorgeous Eiffel tower brush in here [link]
thank yoooooouuu :D
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classic brush and colors too, very nice ;p

[sorry, I hope I'm not late 4 the comment...]
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Thanks! And don't worry, you're never late. :)
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here! kitty kitty kitty!
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