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Brush Set 13 - Crayon Stars

From some doodles I made with Illustrator.


For Photoshop 7 and above.
Image pack included, in case you have a previous PS version and these brushes don't work for you or if you use a different software. :)




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thx!!! ill be using these and post some pics after

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Thank you! Love them!
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i use it was reallly cool using it
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How do you use it?
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Awesome , thank you....I will be posting textures soon using some of these : here: [link] your link will be in the texture pack tou as a credit and thank you
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Used here~
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These are so cute.
download itXD
will comment went use it
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<3 Very pretty. You have lots of imagination and talent. :]
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these are so cute! Best star brushes ever!
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Thanks for letting me know! :)
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love your brushes xD used again: [link]
beware. you'll be seeing a lot of me :aww:
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Weeeeeeeeee!!! :w00t: Let's see.....
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just what i needed, thanks a bunch doll
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Oh, you know me too well. This is one of the best star brushes EVER.
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