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Happy new year everybody ! hope this year will be better and full of joy , happiness , success , health and wealth ! :squee:
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Hello everybody !
I haven't beenactive for a long time , yes I know ..
I apologize for this but I am not in a good mood to work , I am so stressed these days but to be honest I has some good ones but then everything became worse and worse again .. :(
Seems like having a good heart and being nice to people is a mistake , so starting from today , I will not be the same , I have to change , I have to kill that human heart in me to live well ..
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There are some people who are getting too fake here on dA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends."

Taken from :iconivan-elterrible:
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Hello everybody ,

Since I am passing through a very hard time and I don't know when this is gonna end , I am afraid I will not finish any new images this week , but I promise I will keep working and I know someone requested me to draw them something and I haven't forgotten ..

So I apologize to you caue Iwon't be able to do anything this week.

Yours sincerly ,

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WWE is coming to Egypt in October ! Yeah !
I am not going ! booo !
When I heard they are coming , I kept screaming for almost half an hour and I called all my friends to tease them lol :XD:
but then I told my father I wanna go , he was like "No ! No ! No!" , he says that I won't go to another city alone :O_o:
and then after that he almost said ok you can go , me and my bro called the number they have on the website to ask for the prices of the tickets and it was a little bit shocking that the highest price was 3000 egyptian pounds ! :O_o:
well the prices were 250 , 500 , 600 , 1000 , 1500 , 3000 Egyptian pounds ...
and I won't also go because they don't have Cena or Punk or even Gabriel on the list of the wrestlers who are gonna come !
Gosh ! I wish Punk would have been on the list :'(
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so ,this is the second roleplay with :iconmysteriokittyartist:
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I got my new computer today yay !
Sorry for all the delayed work , I will start working again but give some time to finish it as I am installing all the setups on my new laptop for the moment , I just hope my scanner works on it otherwise this will be a disaster O.o

I am so sorry :iconblazethecat012: for not finishing your drawing yet , I hope I will finish it soon dear ;)

See ya soon everybody :squee:
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WWE Roleplay

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 2:16 PM
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So .. :iconblazethecat012: , my twin sis :iconsuperkittykat2012: and me are doing that question thing and it's really funny :XD:

So here are the questions by :iconsuperkittykat2012: :

1-What would you do if the Undertaker walked into the room you are in now would do??
I am gonna yell at his face and ask him if I could take a photo with him :XD: (sounds crazy .. huh ?)

2-What would you do if aj commited sucide on herself when she pushed punk threw a table??
Actually , I hate AJ , so I would be really happy if she goes anywhere and leave Punk

3-Whos your favorite wrestler?
CM Punk ! CM Punk ! CM Punk !

4-Do you have a twitter?
Yes I do :D

5- Do you want to kill aj lee?? ( if so invite me if you do go kill her)
well , as I hate AJ so much , I HAVE TO KILL HER AND YOU TOO COME WITH ME !!!

6-Do people stalk you on here?
Yeah , sometimes , when I do dance shows , I find people chasing me everywhere

7-Do you like pepsi?
I am addicted to :pepsi: !!

8-When was the last time you dreamed about your fav wrestler?
From about a week ..

9-Are you straight edge?
Yes I am , I never drink or smoke or anything =P

10-Do you like CM Punk?
I am in love with Punk :heart:

My questions:

1-Who is your favorite diva ?
2- Since when do you watch WWE ?
3- PG era or Attitude era ?
4- Do you miss Wade Barrett ?
5- What do you think about Drew Mcintyre ? (I find him so sexy :squee: )
6- Have you ever been in a WWE live event ?
7- Who is the best WWE wrestler at the moment ?
8- Do you think Taker is gonna wrestle at WM 29 ?
9- Do you miss Batista ?
10- Do you like Cena ?
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Today was my 3rd day in exams and thanks god , I haven't made a ot of mistakes :XD:

Anyway , I am feeling happy and satisfied with everything these days , and just like the Wrestlemania 28 song says : "Sometimes I get a good feeling !" , YEAH ! I am having a good feeling :D

It's only 16 days left till I finish my exams and to be honest , I am going to change my project for the deviations and I am currently working on a new project , it's very special ;)

My new project will be about : "WWE baby wrestlers" !
I am gonna draw the wrestlers as babies ^_^
PS: I will not remove the beards :P

I am currently working on "baby Justin Gabriel" and my plan is to show it to him when I finish it :D
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Seems like I am going to miss a lot of WWE episodes !

Thanks to the stupid exams , I will not be able to watch "Over the limit" and "No way out" (I am sure I will find a way xD)
Anyway , I was deciding to draw some other pictures , but this will only happen when I get some free time which meens after June 30th !

Pictures I have to draw:

1-:bulletgreen: Wade Barret anchor (as the former one was wider than my scanner)
2-:bulletred: Wade Barrett portrait
3-:bulletred: Drew Mcintyre portrait
4-:bulletred: DX cartoon picture
5-:bulletred: Heath Slater portrait

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