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Elizabethan Make-Up
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Model: Sam

Elizabethan era high society period make-up.


The Foundation is Kryolan Ultra Foundation Palette (mostly TV White) and the blush and lipstick is also Kryolan.
The eyebrows were blocked using a small amount of wax to cover the brows with a thin layer of 3rd Degree Silicone over top.
The wig was self styled (took so long), it is pinn curled around the front with a braided bun at the back. The wig used about 5 x 10cm Width extensions, the headdress is velvet with a plastic Pearl necklace stitched along the outside

The collar was made by someone else previously as a prop , it is a stiff mesh material with gold trimming.

Brief History (if you are interested)

Queen Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, was the main influence on make-up during her reign and defined the ideal beauty at that time, which was white smooth skin, a small rosy mouth, narrow nose, high narrow brows with high foreheads, big wide-set eyes and fair or red coloured hair

The most popular “foundation” was ceruse, a mixture of white lead and vinegar, which covered the face, neck and any visible chest in heavy layers. Veins were faked by drawing thin blue lines around the neck and exposed chest area to appear more delicate.

Vermilion was the favoured red coloured cosmetic used mainly on the cheeks and lips. Rouge was applied in a thick layer on the lips.
Eyes were made to look darker and brighter with black kohl or similar.
Eyebrows were plucked to obtain a high brow look and a high forehead was achieved by plucking the
hairline back about an inch

Mercury was a favoured “facial scrub” to attempt to remove some of the damage caused by the poisons cosmetics, though just as harmful, and sometimes caused balding.

Women would dye their hair to the fashionable shades of blonde and red, but if they could not achieve this look, they would then wear wigs, and in some cases even shave their hair off and only wear wigs. It is implied even Queen Elizabeth herself had a number of wigs.

Headdresses such as a hat, veil, coif or caul usually hid the back section of the hair but showing the front which was then styled.
The wearers chosen head piece dictated what way to style the hair, and whether fake hair was needed to add to the style.
The most popular headdress was the caul, a net made of silk which was then decorated with trimmings of jewels, hair pins and combs.
Copotains, Hats with high conical crowns were sometimes worn over the nets
Coifs were worn by children, but also often worn as a hair net of sorts to keep hair in place under more
elaborate headdresses
Headdresses were generally adorned with feathers, pearls, jewels, gold thread, embroidery and lace.
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