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F2U anthro base pack

new anthro base pack bc I love making them!!
some of the options are a bit off & some parts need moving & erasing
the pen is a 20px regular pen, min width 60%, size by pressure, fade in/out

the heart is its collar bone, it looks better if you color its lineart

please credit me with a link back to the deviantart post & credit me as an "off-site artist" on toyhouse so base fill-ins don't fill up my art section!!


you can:

use for customs & adopts (for any price & currency)
edit the lineart however you'd like (please keep my watermark somewhere on it)

please don't:

use for commissions or YCHs / make ppl pay you to fill in the base as their character
reupload the unused lineart
remove my watermark, credit yourself for the artwork, etc

if you want me to see what you've made tag me, or comment the picture!!


to download from stash:

set to desktop site (3 buttons in the top corner)
open files you want to download & click the download button next to the image
if that doesn't work hold down the download button & click "open in new tab"

you can also download the image normally, but the quality will be lower


I'll be adding more stuff to the base later, currently it has:

fox, wolf, domestic cat
deer, raccoon, ferret/stoat/weasel, ruffed & ring tailed lemur, bear, horse
kangaroo, cuscus, opossum
rat, mouse, rabbit/bunny
sockeye salmon, alligator, crocodile
flamingo, magpie, toucan
velociraptor, spinosaurus, deinocheirus
protogen, dutch angel dragon/dutchie, sergal, chimereon/cham

bird/wing arms, feathered & leather/dragon wings
different pupils & expressions
alicorn & dragon horns


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© 2021 Punk-Soda
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Thank you for making this, it'll help!

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i love your style, thank you for this!

Awesome!! Totally using!

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I am SO using this, I love your art so much man

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thank you so much dude!! Pikachu Loves It Plz

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I have a question

I planned to make some lineart edits on the base so it'd fit my original species. Would i be able to post the uncoloured, edited lineart in my discord server for people to use (you'd have full credit ofc) or no? Wanted to check in case since ik it says you can't reupload the unused lineart

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yeah man that'd be alright!!

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