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Punisher Warzone 2

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Punisher Warzone drawing colored in with Photoshop.
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The only hero we can rely on these days is this man, Frank Castle a.k.a the Punisher. If we had a whole army of men like him spread all over the world bringing justice and Western influence, we'd be unstoppable.
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Duude! XD

Thanks so much for letting me know about those Punisher MAX volumes! I got 1-5 so far plus Born, and Punisher: Then and Now.
I am adding more volumes to this collection. I just ordered some more and i can't wait till they arrive!
I think my favorite stories so far might be "Up is Down, Black is white," and "The Slavers".
Despite the goreyness and level of violence, I could not keep my odd sense of humor in check and laughed here and there, especially when Frank used a person to break a window, but only successful after a few tries XD
But holey crap, I get so into the stories i cringe at some scenes and squint and kind of look away as if I were watching a movie (mainly with the bloody parts, and that horrendous scene of a rather mature, masculine, woman making the moves on her employer---aackk!! I dunno if I would be able to draw out that scene if I was illutrating the script).

The only comicbook characters I use to care for were Batman and Joker (since the 1980's), but I know now Mr.Frank Castle is a favorite now too. But, holey shmokes, Castle is 10x gloomier than Baman >_<, I can't help feeling sorry for him in all the stories I've read.

Thanks again for the recommendations! ^_^

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what is the Punisher MAX volume thing? are those graphic novels? i am not very familiar with The Punisher series... i liked the move War Zone, and you have got to give it to him that he is brutal for the death of his family, who would not be when no one could help you and have absolutely nothing to loose?
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MAX is Marvel Comics adult imprint and yes the volumes we are talking about are the story arcs collected into graphic novel form. I highly recommend them. You should be able to find them on Amazon.com or your local Borders or Barnes and Nobel. They come in both soft cover and hardcover. The Hardcovers collect two story arcs (12 issues) and the soft covers collect one story arc (6 issues)
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Glad you are enjoying them! He wasn't trying to bust the window with the woman in the slavers he was throwing her into it to break her LOL! Was supposed to be throwing her into it for like 30 minutes till the frame gave away(gotta love bullet proof, shatter resistant glass) and she took a long drop to get turned into street pizza. if you remember she was the brains of the outfit so I would say she got what was coming to her. I have to agree despite being one of the most Brutal killers ever seen in fiction it is hard not to feel sorry for Frank a lot of the time. I wish just one movie could get the tone of the character and the feel of the book right. Warzone was fun and Ray was a great Castle but they still dumbed down and changed a lot. I still hate that he killed the under cover cop, in the comics he plans his missions way to well for that kind of mistake but I will shut up before I bore you sounding like the complete Punisher Geek that I am LOL!
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I thought he was planning on throwing her out the window the first time, but then she bounced off, so he tries again, and again...XD Yeah, I know she was the brains of organizing the trade, but it still kinda hurts watching her face get smooshed.
Since I am still a newbie with the character, I suppose the War Zone movie Castle is dumbed down (you're right too, in the comics, for his own precautions Castle would know/recognise any cop that was undercover, even in a hectic situation), but I still felt sympathy for his character as I do in the comics, maybe even more so (well, maybe becasue its Ray playing him, such a fitting part).
The movie is fun to watch, but the comics are so, I dunno, 'icky' is the only word i can think of--like after I read Kitchen Irish, I felt like I needed a shower, as weird as that is XD
I dunno if Hollywood could ever duplicate the tone, mood, and grittiness of the comics.
Besides that, what I like most about Punisher is the same reason I like Batman: they are good guys that use thier brains and braun and don't have superpowers. And despite the extemes Castle goes through to ';punish' someone, he still has a small, white-picket-fence kind of ideal, like warning others not to swear in front of kids XD. Dualities in personalities make the most intersting characters.
Gosh, its been a long time since I've gotten excited about an American comicbook series ^_^
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Yeah I understand what ya mean about wanting to take a bath after some of the stories...Slavers kind of had that effect of me, yet strangely enough it is one of my favs. Glad you are liking Frank and for a lot of the same reasons I do. Like I said I do really enjoy Warzone, it is a hell of a lot of fun it's just part of me what's the beat all end all Punisher film ya know? Batman Begins and The Dark Knight got Batman sooo right and took the character and his world so seriously I guess I just want Frank to get the same respect. Still doesn't stop me from Enjoying Warzone for what it is and Ray's spot on performance....could you imagine how cool it would be if he got to do the inner monologues like in the books? Another American Comic series you might enjoy is Preacher, very different from Punisher or Batman but written by Garth Ennis that does the MAX Punisher series. It is one hell of a wild ride of a series, least as long as your not easily offended or really religious.
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I don;t understand why Hollywood does not remain faithful to comicbook stories. How can they know what they think is better? Such bastards. Punisher definetly need more respect---I think he is not regarded very attentivly becasue maybe people overgeneralize his character, a physchological simplification kind of thing.
Ray is the perfect Frank Castle I think--good acting, solemn looking, and he has a look that is not menacing as in the books, and becasue of that, I think some criminals may think he is not gonna do what they think he could do and take him lightly, and that is why some things he does in the movie are so suprising. Speaking in fangirl mode, his pout/grimace is the best thing I like to see (like, right after the detective slaps handcuffs on him, the look on Franks' face cracks me up).
I had heard of the Preacher series but it came out when I was still pretty young and I don;'t think I was ready for them then XD. As for now though, I dunno about picking those up yet. I kinda wanna stick to Punisher for awhile. I have a devotion problem when it comes to series and characters, probably 'cause when I end up liking a character, I end up liking them very much, and having too many of them is a bit draining for me, but that's just a complaint. I could read them no problem due to sensitivity or religion. I was a bit offended at first of the racial derogaties in the MAX books, but I realized that people really do talk this way in real life, and I immedietly got use to it, but it did not mean I accepted the books constant ease of racial slur expressions (I hope that makes sense) XD
If Punisher could get into moveis again (I dunno now since Disney picked up Marvel), how do you think a black and white movie would look with Castel's monologue? Well, shoot, if they could not get Ray back, maybe use his voice to animate the whole thing in black and white, fluid with dramatic lighting (A good example of what I mean is some short animations in a French film called "Fears of the Dark") I would definetly see an animated version of Punisher with good character design--maybe the only color you see is dark red for blod and the yellowish/blue/red tint of gun flare/explosions/fire. Kinda keep it as comicbook looking as possible. I don't think a computer generated film would do well--despite how well the CG animation looks these days, there are still problems with stiff human movement with no heavyness to it, no matter how much detail is added, nothing looks natural--traditional animation can capture all those problems very well though.
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yeah I don't get why Hollywood feels the need to change things so much. It is soo rare for there to be an adaptation of anything from another media with out them feeling the need to change it way too much. Hell one of the only books I can think of that was treated with true respect was Lord of the Rings and rightly so. As for a Black and white animated Punisher with just a lil color I don't know it might come across like an attempt to do an animated Sin City. I do think the Punisher would work best as a live action television series on a cable network like HBO or Showtime both have shown that quality adult programing can be a hit with shows like Dexter, True Blood, the Sopranos, Hung, Rome and that is to name a few just between those two networks. I figure as a live action series like that they could show all of the work Frank goes too go more in depth with his motivations and methodology. what do you think?
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I was thinking the same thing too when I read the differnt books. I thought each volume could be made live-action and be a TV series, and if it was that would be awsome! >_< Each volume could take a few episodes to finish, and that is how the Max volumes run, like a TV sereis, connecting events from past books to future volumes. And if it was on HBO or something, all the violence and language could be added. Seeing Ray in Rome fighting with swords, and then see him shooting his pistols as Castle, holey crap! I would like that X)
I suppose a black and white animation would relate too much to Sin City, But I think it could still be something on its own if in the right animators/producers hands. I would watch it nontheless.
BTW, I finally got the Barracuda volume, and so far it has the most humor in it, as solemn as it is. I was laughing out loud, especially when poor Frank is dragged in the water back to shore holding onto Barracudas boat. To me, Barra was a great character--I mean, besides being a sociopath, he enjoyed the jobs assigned to him for the dough. If he wasn't a bad guy I think he and Frank could have made a good team, like with Yorkie.
Gosh though, it would be good if there was an associate, someone that could last in the sereis that Frank could get intel from that was not killed off. Fury was someone he trusted, but he was not doing so well last time I read.
Do you have a favorite volume or is it hard to pick? Its hard for me to decide for the moment...
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if I had to choose a fav volume I would say the Slavers due to having read about the stuff real human traffickers due and Ennis getting very close it was cathartic to see Frank do to em what they deserve. I wouldn't get to fond of Barracuda if I were you, lets just say he shows what a psycho he is in Long Cold Dark. Another arc I really enjoyed is Valley Forge Valley forge since it ties into Born and is almost poetic in a strange way at times. It is also Ennis' last arc for a while. After that each arc is by a different crime novelist and in November Jason Aaron will be taking over the MAX title, he is a really good writer so I look forward to that. He will be introducing the MAX versions of Kingpin and Bullseye.
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Damn, Ray was perfect as Castle wasn't he? XD
I like the rendition of the armor here--oh I got a question dude!
Have you seen any toys of Punisher based on the War Zone movie? I've only seen that bust of him but can't seem to find any other figures based on the new movie.
I hope you don't mind me asking >_< But being such a fan and such, just wondering if you might know some info.
Thanks again for visiting my gallery! I got a new portrait up too if you wanna look:
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Sadly the Kotobukiya Bust is the only figural item from Punisher Warzone, Sucks I know. If I ever have the time I am thinking of trying to make a life size bust of Ray as the Punisher.
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Don't think about it dude! You have to do it! XD
I bet it would be the first one ever!

wooowww, it would be absolutly awesome if you did >_<

Thanks again for the info ^_^
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Excellent work, Aaron :)
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