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Just a quick sketch of a witch. Hope everyone have a Happy Halloween!
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I used it in my book
When I finish I give the link to you, ok?
There's no professional or famous, is just a hobbie :)
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oh shes beautiful!!!
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Who are you and when did you catch me practicing my craft? Hehe. :D :clap:
I love it!
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Love the fiery curly hair and attitude.
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Wow i love this!!! is it ok if i post it on my friends Rp site as one of the characters? i would give you full credit and put a link to your DA page?
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Edible mushroom))))) exactly neznayu as on-line will translate my exclamation translator, but nice devchenka very pleased me
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Hello, your amazing art was featured here: [link] :)
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Hi =)

Your work get featured here: [link]

Happy Halloween! :pumpkin:

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Awesome... thank you!
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Hi :wave:

Featured here :[LINK]

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Hi! :blackrose:

You have been featured here (maybe more than once!): [link]

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That's is so awesome. Thank you!!
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I want to thank you for your hard work, and let you know that your work is featured on a DD here :)

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She looks very sexy!
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Happy Halloween! Very nice , she is a cutie and can come trick my treat anytime ;)
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Sexy. <3 Hopefully I can get the Halloween costume I want. /o/
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Very great !!! Happy Halloween : )
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