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The Thing

This is the Thing from the Fantastic Four. I heard they are going to do another movie and this time the Thing is going to be CG. I think that's a good move. So I'm hoping they'll do a bigger and more exaggerated body in the next movie.
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" I heard they are going to do another movie..."

They...TRIED to do one. I guess they tried...

Thing looked cool though.
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very cool, nice job
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you have been featured :) [link]
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He has got a pretty face :psychotic:
Seriously, no words here to explain how gorgeous is this work. :love:
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I love this. Great expression!

By thy side,

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Awesome work on thing here
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Sweet! The colors are vivid and awesome.
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I love the effect - it looks like he's moving!
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Thanks! That's what I was going for.
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great colorin man great pose and look ... in a min. i thought he's comin at me.
his hugeness is a great element in this work.
great artwork keep it up^
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Thank you!! I'll do my best. :)
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Ooooo This is awesome! I agree that making the Thing CG in the next movie will be a good move....:)
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With his rocky skin texture, it should look really cool as a CG character. At the very least, it'll look better then a guy in a rubber suit. ;)
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This is a totally epic drawing! :)
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The movement in this is great - really looks like he's charging at the 'camera'. How long did it take you to do?
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Thanks! This one took about 3 hours... on and off.
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that's really cool dude.
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You got the purest, finest esence of Mr Grimm and his 'Clobberin' time' greatness.
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Thank you! That's what I was going for. :)
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You did it right.
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