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Quake vs Hulk

Wouldn't it be neat to see Hulk on Agents of Shield?  Yeah, I know that probably not going to happen.  ;)
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What If.... Quake!

People say hulk will win they must have forgotten that dasy is called the destroy of worlds

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The detail and colors are incredible.
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Excellent work. I want this scene to happen in the MCU!
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It would be neat to see Hulk turn Quake into paste.
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ughgh i would love that crossover!!
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R.I.P Quake,
your foolishness will be remembered.
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Ah, if only companies weren't so stingy about rights! This is the Agents of SHIELD that people REALLY wanna see
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Hulk: Hulk Smash Quake!

SkyeQuake: Quake Rumbles Hulk!
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I think it goes without saying that we NEED to see a AoS character in Infinity war, part one or two. You just can't have something THAT big happening and NOT get an agent involved. What we REALLY need to Rocket and Stark in the same room with only each other for at least five minutes. Lock t in a closet if you have to; it NEEDS to happen. That conversation with those two personalities would be beautiful.
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Fuuuuuuuuudge the amount of WANT from this piece is too DAYUM high!

Shit, even if it had to non canon for story reasons, I don't care! I just want this to happen on screen. :iconfinallyplz:

Excellent work on this. :iconthumbsupplz:
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well Hulk is right now "missing"
i think Hulk might appear in the show beween AOU and CACW
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This looks great, but do it full size aka Go BIG!!!!!
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Actually, the actors who play the Avengers have been talking to Clark Gregg about Agents of SHIELD appearances.

So it's not out of the question.
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:powerup: :powerup: :powerup: :powerup: :powerup: :powerup: :powerup: :powerup: :powerup: :powerup:  THE POOOOWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someday they might.
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Well, it should happen. The Hulk works better as a supporting character (that's why the Hulk stand-alone movies weren't as good), so a television appearance would be fitting.

And I can totally see Quake giving Hulk a difficult time. (All the same, her posture whenever she does this reminds me of a Jedi; you should put a lightsaber in her hand sometime ;) ).
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love this. And I've been in favor of Hulk appearing on AoS since day 1. 
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Not going to happen with the TV budget, but one can dream.
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I'd rather see Quake vs Avalanche. But I still love this.
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