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Buffy the vampire slayer.
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reminds me of the final battle scene
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Love the style
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Yep, that's Buffy.
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Perfectly encapsulates her badassery :D
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hi! i love this and i'd love to feature it in an article i'm writing on Joss Whedon. I'd cite you as the artist with a link back to this post. Please let me know if that's not okay! Thank you! :) - Aja / [link]
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My Favorite TV Show back when I was a kid!
U did an awesome job!!!
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I genuinely love this piece of work mainly because she doesn't look perfect, or pouty. there is genuine intensity i her face that you don't see in most action poses. great work :thumbsup:
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Amazin picture
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Wow... just wow!
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I love the expression. It's well suited to being surrounded like that.
Very dynamic. I like it.
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I’m adding this to our Featured Favorites at #TheVampyreArmy
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Great picture, showing my favorite heroine in action! Hardest thing in this world, is to live in it.... and easiest thing in world is to kick some undead butt. ;) I love that regardless how much her life sucks she's always trying to do the right thing, to be a good person. Anyway great picture, man: coloring, pose, general feeling it convey.
now this is more like it!! it's a gorgeous pic, and much more like buffy than a lot of the other stuff that i'm seeing on here - like the ones that give her ginormo boobs! well done :)
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This is great, I love the intensity that you got even with a lot of those girly sort of tones.
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Just finished watching season 4 again. Love me some Buffy.
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Funky Pic. She's a hard ass. :P
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Wow! I love how loose this feels.
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