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Back to the basics.

Aqua Inspirat with a Mirrors Edge wallpaper (NFR).
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Super cool. May I know where can I get such pattern and wallpaper?
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Well as you can see the wallpaper is NFR because it is payware. The pattern mod was done by a friend, will ask him later today :)
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Where can I get it then? It's really nice. Truly in love with the great perspective and colour blending. Okay, don't make me wait yea! Really need the pattern though :D
puner's avatar
Well when I get a hold of the guy you will know first of all :D
Qubezo's avatar
Lol, okay then. Hey, really appreciate the effort. I might be working on a new desk near the future. Now a bit busy with exam and what's not :(
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very great job!

can you post a link for the wall?
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Did you even read the description :P
biom1ko's avatar
lol, i can't found it... :(
puner's avatar
Yeah because no one released it yet dude
biom1ko's avatar
so... where's the link?!?
puner's avatar
NFR means Not For Release.
biom1ko's avatar
nuooooooooooooo! :( :( :( :(
oh come on!
LegendaryRonin's avatar
One of My favorite shots, wish i could get the wall :)
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you always get the cleanest way to express a desk:D
SmilingCamel's avatar
nice shot! and nice wall!!
turnpaper's avatar
nice one..i love the wall
techKno's avatar
Nice setup, awesome wall :clap:
psychonoise's avatar
Very nice :D
Great wall !!!
Edl21's avatar
great wallpaper!! :clap:
nxqd3051990's avatar
Wallpaper please, I love it :D
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