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Today is the last day of my paid subscription to deviantArt. I'm not going to renew it. I don't see the benefit, frankly, and I just don't use DA enough to warrant it. If my use of the site becomes incredibly slow as a result, I might just pack it in altogether: I can understand the site owners wanting people to subscribe but actively penalising those who don't is another matter. (And I've heard that non-subscribed users do find the site slow.)  

I'm presuming that it won't be any different though. I'll see.

On with some work now, though.
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deviantArt has been down a lot lately. I get to the front page but I can't upload. I really like the new look, etc., but if it doesn't have the functionality, I get very annoyed. I won't be renewing my paid subscription when it runs out - I really don't use it enough to justify it. I also don't see any huge advantage in doing so.

Go to see "Little Miss Sunshine". You won't regret it.

That's all.
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It's all shiny new. How pretty!

DA, I keep forgetting about you. I'm very sorry. I'm also very busy.

Oh, and I've broken my camera. Ooops.
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Darn it, I haven't been able to do anything here for AN AGE. My life has just been completely taken over by work and I don't know where to even start to get my 'fun things' back.

I need a holiday! Or an assistant. Or both.
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And, of course, to be true to myself, it really should be expressing a displeasure about something.

And today's displeasure is: why aren't my deviations showing up when I upload them, and for a long while afterwards?

Oh, and why am I so tired?