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Anyone else getting spam from support8676310417 about stuff that you don't want?
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****ing cat
My cat took a shit in front of my bedroom door this morning. (Sighs.) So how's your day going?


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isabelle197New Deviant
thanks for the watch ^^
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Sapphire-AsterismHobbyist Photographer
Hey Punchie, I hope you're well! You might not recognise my account as I've changed my username (I was X-The-Little-Devil-X previously!).

Hope you're having a good day. ^~^ :heart:
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PunchieTheNekoStudent Artist
Trying. It sure feels like it's taking forever.
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Sapphire-AsterismHobbyist Photographer
If there’s anything I can do that could help you then do let me know ^~^
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PunchieTheNekoStudent Artist
Mmmmm... Idk. I think it's something that ultimately comes down to what I need to get done and do myself. I at least have anxiety medicine now, so that's one issue solved.
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Sapphire-AsterismHobbyist Photographer
Hopefully that gets the ball rolling for everything else then. Always a really good start. As odd as it sounds, try making a list of things you want to do/change and let yourself be emotive when you write it. Keep the list hidden and every so often when you start to feel more like yourself have a look at the list and you can begin to tick things off that you’ve achieved.

There’s that or what my therapist said to me to do was write a letter to anyone/anything that was affecting me be it good or bad. Write any problem down. Take it to a bbq or a fire pit and throw all the pieces of paper in. Suppose it’s symbolic of everything burning away except you because you’re stronger than that which is on the paper.
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leokearonHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch