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Clan Ghost Bear Logo

Wanted to do something with vectors, so I decided to turn some Clan logos from the Battletech universe into vectors. I did add some effects that aren't exactly vectors (texture for example), but they aren't really a problem if I want to scale these up.

These were actually made a while ago and they've just been sitting in the depths of my hard drive.
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Ive tried to copy the Ghost Bear logo in Illustrator and I get frustrated because it isn't symmetrical (its slightly off) and when when I try to do it symmetrical, it doesn't look right
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I used this for Ghost Bear - Box Power [link]
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i dont know why, but this clan logo looks like the BA Cola or Klondike it just me?
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Very Nice! Bring back lots of memories :nod:
My favorite clan! A clan that actually understands the value of friendship and family, and still can kick some serious @ss with huge Mechwarriors.
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My favorite one!
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Huh, you did it in PS ?
I guessed that it it was done in Illustrator or something else. I'd do it in Inkscape.
Ghost Bear is my second favourite in BT. I love the Stone Rhino/Behemoth - the old way, Ral Partha did it ;)
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I don't have either of those programs so I used what I have.
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Inkscape is easy to get - it is open source.
Whatever you use - the result is no subject of any discussion. :)
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Downloaded Inkscape but haven't tried it much yet. Don't know when I'll take the time to learn using it.
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Take as much time as you like. :)
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This, I think, is my favorite. Simply cause it's what I played the most often :B You're full of win, Punakettu! :D Very nicely done on all of them ^^ Man, I need to pull out my old copies of MW2 and imprison people for a LAN party x.x If you don't mind, how/in what program did you make these? The look awesome =)
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Thanks mate. :D

MW2 series is really awesome. I still pop in the cd and play a few games when I want a dose of nostalgia. I guess that's also part of the reason I made these.

I did these with Photoshop 7. Wasn't really all that hard, just a lot of repetitive work involved.
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