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Once when teaching at the school, one of the children asked me, ”Why do you have so many jobs?”

The obvious answer is money. It’s not easy these days to get by, and I’ve never been one for a ‘normal’ job. I have done my fair share of stupid jobs, as most everyone has; everything from catering with plastic bags over my hands, to cleaning or retail. This reality where more than one job at a time is practically required to pay the bills is the only reality that I’ve ever known. I’m of an age where this is normal. I admit that to some degree I like it as I tend to get bored with things easily, but that might also because of how I’ve grown up.

The other less obtrusive answer is that I believe that a person cannot have too many skills. Skills can become talents and both are of value. I pride myself on being able to do many different things, connected somehow with the arts and I find that I always want to learn more skills, continuing to develop myself on a creative and practical level.

Because of this, I’m very good at keeping myself busy. Sometimes friends or family have to remind me to stop for a bit and do nothing, but for me doing nothing and relaxing is usually working on something.

When I first moved to Finland I didn’t have much to do besides the projects that I gave myself. Even when I started to study Finnish I still had plenty of ‘me’ time to work on things or do whatever I wanted. Recently though, after spending enough time here, networking and wiggling myself into the limelight the ball started to roll and has yet to stop.

At the moment I have too many jobs. I feel that I don’t have *enough* me time, or that I’m too tired to work on the things that I really want to with the free time I do have. I’m at a point in my life where I’ve worked hard to obtain all the things that I have, and now I need to get rid of a few. I’m in a place where I feel I can look at my projects, passions, obligations and lay them out in front of me, looking at them critically.

    ·         What am I gaining from this?

    ·         Do I need it right now?

    ·         Do I have time for it?

    ·         Should I make time for it?

    ·         Or simple:  Do I want to keep doing this?

    ·         Or better:  Do I want to do MORE of this?

This is where I am now. Deciding, reshaping. It’s not easy and shouldn’t be. It is more than just culling things from my life. It’s dealing with papers and taxes and making sure all the stupid parts of life are in order so the fun things can happen. It’s both incredibly frustrating yet liberating at the same time!

Project Promotion Section!

One project that I’ve recently decided to put more into is my comic The Cat of a Madman. It’s a webcomic and I’m going to get it reprinted as a book as soon as I can. Book Two, The Boss of a Madman is done, and will start to go online as of the 14th of February.  This is one of my passions that I will continue to work on and promote.  Please go have a look and feel free to tell me what you think!


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Submitted on
February 8, 2014