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My life is made up of projects. I do too many things sometimes and it gets difficult to juggle, but here is a snapshot of everything that is going on at the moment.

The Cat of a Madman is ongoing. It’s technically completely finished, so all I’m having to do is scan them, edit them so they look like the original and upload it. Easy peasy right? But it takes so much *time*. 

I also have The Prophet’s Garden. I’m so close to finishing the next page. When that’s done, I already have two more updates lined up, but due to other things, my computer isn’t even available at the moment for me to work on it. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.

I have a class that I organize and lead at the Sarjakuvakeskus (The Comic’s Center) in Helsinki. It’s every Tuesday and the first Saturday of every month. I try to book things ahead but eventually we catch up and I have to book more. I feel a little bit like I’m forever booking models or making changes to things as people come and go. I’m happy it’s become so popular though! When I took over it was already a good solid class, but now we’re in danger of being *too* popular. It’s free so plenty of people come. Eventually…if it comes to that, I will have to find another space to expand to, or do more classes…We’ll see. I’m also thinking of organizing another exhibition for the class, but I’ll do that when I have more time. Someone else who takes the class might do it. We’ll see. No rush.

I have another comics project that is lurking in the back of my mind that I haven’t had any time to work on at all and I feel very guilty and annoyed at myself but there’s nothing I can do. It’s still there, and it *will* happen gosh darn it.

I’m also a part of a group called the Helsinki International Artists Association. We were going to have an exhibition in May and I did the poster for it. But now it seems that the space was double booked and I have no idea what to think. I’m just one of 24 people and everyone has an opinion. For the moment I’m watching on the sidelines and will wait to see what happens. Meantime I *will* still meet with my dancers and talk to them about things. The Dream Eater project is still a go!

Dance projects wise I have at least two that are in a weird state of development. I need to talk to people and see what we can do.

Work is great. I took over the Team Leader position when our Team Leader Iain had to leave to pursue a bigger and better job. It’s a fun team to work with and the kids are always great to be around. It’s work but fun work and I’m grateful to have it.


Finally on top of everything, we’re in the process of moving. We have the entire month, and we’re getting there, but we’re still missing furniture! Instead of working on the things I would like to be working on, it’s unpacking things and contemplating where the hell to put everything. We’ve gone from a 67 square meter flat to a flat of roughly half the size. That's why I don't have my desktop computer yet, as it' the other house.

Other general news is that a bridge that I have in my mouth is loose. One side only. I went to the dentist and was immediately referred to a specialist. Apparently my mouth is too complicated. XD I shouldn’t be surprised.

This weekend will be busy with more moving, upacking, organizing things and trying not to drop any balls. I can’t wait until Easter break as Marja and I both have time off work. Also, if the weather would warm up a bit that would be great. Thanks.

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Once when teaching at the school, one of the children asked me, ”Why do you have so many jobs?”

The obvious answer is money. It’s not easy these days to get by, and I’ve never been one for a ‘normal’ job. I have done my fair share of stupid jobs, as most everyone has; everything from catering with plastic bags over my hands, to cleaning or retail. This reality where more than one job at a time is practically required to pay the bills is the only reality that I’ve ever known. I’m of an age where this is normal. I admit that to some degree I like it as I tend to get bored with things easily, but that might also because of how I’ve grown up.

The other less obtrusive answer is that I believe that a person cannot have too many skills. Skills can become talents and both are of value. I pride myself on being able to do many different things, connected somehow with the arts and I find that I always want to learn more skills, continuing to develop myself on a creative and practical level.

Because of this, I’m very good at keeping myself busy. Sometimes friends or family have to remind me to stop for a bit and do nothing, but for me doing nothing and relaxing is usually working on something.

When I first moved to Finland I didn’t have much to do besides the projects that I gave myself. Even when I started to study Finnish I still had plenty of ‘me’ time to work on things or do whatever I wanted. Recently though, after spending enough time here, networking and wiggling myself into the limelight the ball started to roll and has yet to stop.

At the moment I have too many jobs. I feel that I don’t have *enough* me time, or that I’m too tired to work on the things that I really want to with the free time I do have. I’m at a point in my life where I’ve worked hard to obtain all the things that I have, and now I need to get rid of a few. I’m in a place where I feel I can look at my projects, passions, obligations and lay them out in front of me, looking at them critically.

    ·         What am I gaining from this?

    ·         Do I need it right now?

    ·         Do I have time for it?

    ·         Should I make time for it?

    ·         Or simple:  Do I want to keep doing this?

    ·         Or better:  Do I want to do MORE of this?

This is where I am now. Deciding, reshaping. It’s not easy and shouldn’t be. It is more than just culling things from my life. It’s dealing with papers and taxes and making sure all the stupid parts of life are in order so the fun things can happen. It’s both incredibly frustrating yet liberating at the same time!

Project Promotion Section!

One project that I’ve recently decided to put more into is my comic The Cat of a Madman. It’s a webcomic and I’m going to get it reprinted as a book as soon as I can. Book Two, The Boss of a Madman is done, and will start to go online as of the 14th of February.  This is one of my passions that I will continue to work on and promote.  Please go have a look and feel free to tell me what you think!


The Comic:…

Project Wonderful Advertising:…

Official Facebook Page:…

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Oh hey guys, Looks like I should be uploading more as I...well, have been away for a while. I have plenty to talk about, but for the moment lets start with just a couple!

First things first...I'M ENGAGED.

 Can we go NAO:excited:
 _ It's been a while now, but I'm STILL in shock. wut?

With that tidbit out of the way, lets get on to the exciting bit. =P

I have a new store on Etsy! Rusetti Rosett Jewellery

I've been making jewellery and selling it for a while now, so I suppose I should post my efforts huh? :D (Big Grin) 

This online store thing is new to me, but hopefully people will like the stuff I've been coming up with! If you have any advice or want to see me try to make certain things just ask! Fanceh 

Wish me luck!

Muah to all of you!
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Results of the contest... is here: theprophetsgarden.smackjeeves.…

Go  now!

For the new year my I've started a jewellery company. I might eventually post some pictures up here. I really should. To check out prices and other such things go to the facebook page! Tada!
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Send all entries to or

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Page 54 of The Prophet's Garden: theprophetsgarden.smackjeeves.…

on a sad note, not sure if I'll be getting my dose of Halloween this year...;_;
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Well, I haven't done a journal in quite some time. XD Life has taken me to Finland where I am currently in charge of a Figure drawing class. If you live in Helsinki and want to come,  it's just at the Sarjakuvakeskus (comic's center). Note me for more info. ^^

Also, big new wise is that my comic is finally starting chapter three! Have a link to the latest page! Yeeeeei....


I could go on and on about my life and all the cool random shit that happens but honestly I don't think anyone would want to know about it. XD I spout on about it to my friends - that's enough about talking about myself.

If you haven't already checked out The Prophet's Garden, please do. As it's awesome and slow to begin with, but that's just all story and plot later the shit will hit the fan and I have to get good at drawing blood. ^^

Oh. and I'm also considering doing a contest. when I figure out more details I shall post it here as well as the site. The more the merrier.


So. To get you peeps to be more active with me we have a contest. Contest means you lot have the chance to win shit. Get on it.


Create a fanfiction or fanart, whatever the hell you want! Make it within the storyline, of the past, of the future, of something that could never ever happen, or what.

The winners: 1st place- A coloured digital drawing of ANYTHING and piece will go into the archive and depending on the content, possibly become officially part of the story. =D

2nd and 3rd places - Basically the same dealio, but with a black and white sketch. Let's face it, we want me focused on colouring comic pages right?

This is your chance to influence the story, the world and the characters. ALL entries will go into the fanart section. I want to see how imaginative you are and all the awesome stuff I know you're capable of. There is no deadline as of yet, as I have no idea how many of you will actually respond to this and get off your arses and do something. Think of it this way, if only three of you actually enter...then hell, you'll get something out of it. =D
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Hello hello.

Welcome, have a look around and feel free to immerse yourself in randomness as well as versatility in art.
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I won a contest! O_O :iconqueengodiva101: chose me at first place! Whooo! So exciting. ^_^… I won with this! >_<

Work wise I've given 18 massages this month so far. XD Busy girl. Also started work on choreographing Noah the Musical with Marja my girlfriend. It's very difficult as there is a cast of 77 kids ranging from 6-15 and we have a total of 7 rehearsal before the show! AH! Busy busy busy. Still with the money making. Been getting a few modeling things here and there..and as it's stated below I'm working on commissions. Phithak's is on it's way about halfway really due to business but it should be done sooner rather than later!

My commissions are open to those who are interested. If you want me to do anything, just ask!

***Commissions Available***

Prices depend on the desired quality, and colouring.

Current Projects


I'm available to be paid through pay-pal. Or if you live in London we could meet up! Whooo!

One on one tutorials
I'm ALSO here to help out those who have questions about Photoshop. General usage or my own techniques or whatever. Just ask and I'll be happy to help!
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Hello All!

I've been busy doing modeling for the Camera Club… near Elephant and Castle. I'm also doing Massage work and will be inundating all the dance schools with posters. I'm not doing too badly considering that I don't actually have a real job. ^^;

I'm currently working on commissions. let those that are interested interested.

***Commissions Available***

Prices depend on the desired quality, and colouring.

Current Project


I'm available to be paid through pay-pal. Or if you live in London we could meet up! Whooo!

One on one tutorials
I'm ALSO here to help out those who have questions about Photoshop. General usage or my own techniques or whatever. Just ask and I'll be happy to help!
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Hey ya'll. Who'da guessed that February would sneak up on us like this?? Valentines day around the corner. Aka single awareness day. You know in Finland Valentines day is like...a friend day. So you give valentines and presents and things to friends. Good stuff. Maybe we should all just move there. ^^;;

Right now I'm sick, and have been well..probably ever since I moved to this country three years ago, but I'm coughing *again*. Marja's gone off to teach little kiddies and to buy me pills. YES! pills.

Meantime I do have things to upload I just have to transfer them from my other computer. They're just sketches and attempts to change my style but we'll see how successful that actually is.

Right now I haven't been doing much art besides working on Angie's Comic which was an exchange for 7 comics. If anyone wants to read them maybe I should up load them or me if you want to yeah?

Money is the big issue of the day for me. I have a job at L'Occitane, working as a masseuse as well as doing Modeling for artists..aka posing naked. AHA!

So I guess I'm also doing commissions. I used to just do them for my DnD peeps but I'm extending it to you few who come by the page once in a millennium. I'm saying I'll do *anything* you want and here are the prices!

I'm friggin cheap!!

£20-Full colour sketch
£10-Sketch in pencil

I'm available to be paid through pay-pal.

Hope you all are doing well!

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Eh. Righto.
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Yeah dude. Crazy. Huh. At the moment my life is kinda...busy.

I'm starting a job tomorrow which hopefully will be fabulous. I'm waiting on my other job to randomly call me for once so I can work there too.

I have a million and one projects that are half finished. So annoying!

I *have* applied to a gallery with my Little Street People, and I think I can get away with calling them.

Current Projects

Pinocchio - I will finish it! I SWEAR!
Little Street People - Currently on hold on the building side
Kopa - WIP of couring
This one picture of a nymph.

BAH! Anyways, I hope to be updating at some point in the future. I'm also working on editing a comic for a friend, but I'm not putting that up here. It's for her! AND her alone!AHAHAHA! but then again she did give me 9 mangas for free. so Eh.

Hope all is well,

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More little sculptures for ya. Also more work on Pinocchio. Very important stuff. Very fun stuff.

Um...yes. Any comments on it greatly appreciated. Love you all lots.

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Hello there all. As the title suggests I'm on a new art kick! It's something that has been growing over the years and I've been letting it grow on it's own free will.

I've been collecting small items found on the street. Apparently I have sharp eyes, but I find money all the time on the ground. I've been finding all kinds of other bits and pieces on the ground and when I finally thought I had enough I got to finding the bits that went together.

So now I suddenly have four pieces of small sculpture and it's rather addictive. Funny thing is that Nikki :iconliquid-porcelain: is also into this kind of thing but on a bigger scale. She doesn't have any pictures up but she did this large installation for school not too long ago.

So please enjoy them, because I do. I'll keep on looking for bits and pieces on the ground. Have a look yourself, it's amazing what gets left behind.
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IT'S OVER! My dissertation is over! and it went fabulously. I loved it.

Freedom to do other things! Maybe i'll actually post something. XD

Love ya,

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Currently in California, working for my father on marketing [logos and brochures] and enjoying the sun. ^^ The sun is nice. I like the sun.
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My piece is in a show tonight at Laban. Can't wait. Good fucking lord i'm nervous as hell. Im not dancing, but Marja is. Dude. How the hell does this happen?? My to do list is longer than my arm and getting longer by the minute. I feel a *bit* left behind my own body and i'm running to catch up. Hopefully things will sort themselves out. I need to. I'm leaving for cali on monday. I have a separate to do list for being over there. -_-;; anyways.


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Who is doing what for Valentine's day? That is my question to you all. Answer it. Now.
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Art work lately has been rather slow due to school and other related activities. The art also has been work art as opposed to fun art and it's hard to even find the time to do them!

I'm doing some work for Youth UK at the moment for free and I'm not really happy with what I'm churning out. But I don't have the time to be picky so meh.

Hope everyone is doing well wherever you be, and stay happy. ^^ I'll be sure to post what i manage to scan if it's done or not, just so that people can see what I'm up to.

Love you!