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I really wanna re-work my page but eosrhgoireh

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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Bifrost and Noctis by rerolune
(Noctis was gifted by a precious soul ;A; <3 )
background by Akarori
pixels by r0se-designs
Glastheim by d-clua
buttons by King-Lulu-Deer
icons by eivven
Glastheim, Bifrost and Noctis @ Sakura-Pumpkin

Commissions and ToS

Commission Info
You will find a link to my ToS and the Ccommission Journal here~! If you have any questions, feel free to note me, thank you~!

Commission Info
Commission ToS

Commission Journal Click for Info~

★ Chibis [CLOSED]
★ Chibi Busts [CLOSED]
★ Chibi Bases [OPEN]
★ Busts / Headshots [CLOSED]
★ Semi Chibis [OPEN]
★ Half Body [Coming Soon]

Too Much Fertilizer? - icon by AdkageGlastheim by ERDJIE

- <3 -

If I owe you anything, please check the link here~

Bunny Bounce by Syumi Bunny Bounce by Syumi
. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

★★ Work List~ ★★
★★ Commission Related Updates ★★

NOTE 1: I take the weekends for myself so I don't work on To-Do list stuff during Saturday-Sunday ;v;7
NOTE 2: I sometimes work on these along with personal stuff here and there~

+ = I might work on this in between the previous commission~

[ Mr. Fancy Cat Motivation ] Random by PrinceProcrastinate
progress bars by KngCorvidae & ExoticDreamer
cat and mustache pixels by PrinceProcrastinate
Vanaheim pixel by arcanium
background by: ShiStock
Pepper by rerolune
Pepper and Vanaheim @Sakura-Pumpkin
pumpkin pixels by CitricLily

Please read before you note me about advertisements~

When you try to art and you just----

background by ShiStock


There will be some set price adopts up hopefully next week~ You'll  have the option of regular kemonomimi or upgrading them to StarLights if you wished <3 (Traits/Rarity would be left up to me)
Update on the StarLights~
There will be 1 boy, 1 girl, both will have rare markings and wings as a special trait <3 Got a better rough of them now and I hope to continue working on them tomorrow \o/
The original status has been deleted
I might make one or both have rare markings, but there should def at least be 1 shooting star in the mix~ I'm still trying to figure out how I want the stars to look but I'll get there \o/
The original status has been deleted

[ o . o ] / "Hello~"

Name: Karla (rather not be called by this lol *suchalamenamesob*)

Nick: Pumpkin, Sakura, Pumpkin Pie, Saku, Pump, Pumpkiumki, Sakuppu, Pum, Pumi, Mama, Nee-sama, Sa-nee, Kuroi, Poomp--and whatever you may like to come up with~! I don't mind ❤❤

Likes: Coca-Cola, Smoothies, RO, Mario, PKMN, KH, FF, LoZ, Sonic, GG, Blaz Blu, SF, SC, OPM, Magical Girls (SM, PC & CCS), LoTR, Star Wars, Supernatural, Sherlock, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds,Major Crimes, CSI, Law & Order, Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, Halloween, RPing, Designing Clothes and Characters (long way to go still *manly tears*)

Additional Info - Shy, Odd, Nervous, Blunt, Clumsy as fuck, Sour, Sarcastic, Forgetful, Turtle Speed, Perfectionist, What is art, *whale noises*
English / Spanish

Thank you so much for the support everyone~! I really appreciate it though I'm probably not the best at showing it ;v;/ Big thanks to those who have stuck around for long and a big welcome to new watchers, much love to all of you new and old alike~!

~~ n n
~~(ö _ ö)~

Commissions - OPEN by PrinceProcrastinate Art Trades - SPECIAL by PrinceProcrastinate Requests - FRIENDS ONLY by PrinceProcrastinate

[ See widget on the left for commission info~! ]

: favthankyouplz : by Gasara : llamawelcomeplz : by Gasara : favwelcomeplz : by Gasara
Deviation / Gallery title guide:
[P] = Personal | [C] = Commission | [T] = Trade | [S] = Sample

commision stamp by PrinceProcrastinate
Momo / V9 pixel by ERDJIE
Icons by PanDaePan
background by Akarori
Momo / V9 chibi by rerolune
pixels by Gasara & RavesAngel
Momo @ Sakura-Pumpkin

Props if you understand this~

//if you can't tell, yes, I'm an FFVII fan : D


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