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What are you waiting for

The battle raged for a day and a night before the golden hero was overwhelmed. Wrapped in chains and dragged before the Queen of the Space Amazons she was defiant.

“What are you waiting for? I will not beg or plead!”

The Queen knows her duty. The young beauty must lose her heart on the altar, but she has lost her own heart to the courage and beauty of the hero.

Christy is my character and creation

The art is s commission by :icontheartofraku:
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© 2019 - 2021 pumpmonger1
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cruzzwnt's avatar
Could I known his price rate?
grlbcepwshpr's avatar

I would love to see her flex and break those chains...slowly at first, then snap! Beautiful work.

pumpmonger1's avatar
Chains are no match for her mighty muscles or her unbreakable will. 
Polkatz's avatar
That is one cool dress! :heart:
Lovely work!

pumpmonger1's avatar
Christy will start her fight with Hilda this way. Letting her pound on her body until Christy snaps the chains. Then the real fight begins. 
xxoothejokerooxx's avatar
I don't think Christy will have a chance to use those muscles to break all those chains.
pumpmonger1's avatar
She will lose her mighty heart? 
xxoothejokerooxx's avatar
Her figurative heart or literal heart? Maybe both. Either way, that muscle girl is going to suffer.
pumpmonger1's avatar
Literal as a sacrifice if she doesn’t break free. Do you have a favorite of my girls?
xxoothejokerooxx's avatar
I like both Red and Christy. But I'll have to go with Red. Both muscle women look great in bondage and peril. Thanks for creating them.
ArthurGarvin's avatar
She looks strong and fiercely determined enough to bust those chains.
pumpmonger1's avatar
She can break free, if given the chance. 
hotrod5's avatar
Those chains can't hold Christy for long. ;)
Rallyguy33's avatar
Awesome work. Love the power and defiance captured in the image. Christy will never be broken!
pumpmonger1's avatar
You can destroy her but never break her. 
KennyMcCormix's avatar
No chains can hold a warrior! Prompts 2014 - STRENGTH 
pumpmonger1's avatar
She will break free if they do not kill her quick. 
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jerrie46's avatar
Totally awesome image of Christy
pumpmonger1's avatar
The greatest hero ever. 
DarkRonin21's avatar
Will the queen's affection be able to stave off the exocution?
pumpmonger1's avatar
She is at war with herself over the Golden Hero.
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