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Welcome to the PumpkinGifts' FAQ, please read this post carefully before joining or sending a note to the group, if after reading all this you still have doubts please don't hesitate and contact an admin!

:bulletorange: What's this group about? the PumpkinGifts group was created with the sole purpose of helping deviant members improve their pixel art skills, more specifically their avatar designing skills, in a more interactive way. The system the group uses is based on the "Secret Santa" event which takes place every december and is hosted by various groups all around deviantART.

:bulletorange: So, you only host events once a year? no, and there is where PumpkinGifts stands out of the crowd! We host events once every single month, each one with a topic related to the most representative event of it. There are special occasions in which we hold 2 events during the month, those special occasions occur when the month is a pair number; Ej. February, April, Jun, August and so on.

:bulletorange: Okay this sounds awesome and I would like to join, are there any requirements? yes, there are. This is a group focused only on Pixel Art so you must participate only by gifting pixel art. We don't care that much about the "awesomeness" of your work, as long as you give your 100% every time you send a gift everything should be fine, besides, this is a group for improving your pixel skills isn't it? Also, in order to avoid our group to be full of inactive users when you send a join request you must include the thumbnail (icon) found on the bottom of this FAQ, if you don't include it your request will be rejected.

:bulletorange: I'm cool with just pixel art submissions, are there any rules regarding what should I draw? that would be a yes. When making a gift you must be sure you follow the below rules:
:bulletyellow: No gore/violence/blood on your work.
:bulletyellow: Nothing sexual (this includes yaoi/yuri/hentai).
:bulletyellow: Your gift must be 50 x 50 min. and 100 x 100 max.
:bulletyellow: Your submission must be your own creation.
:bulletyellow: Bases are allowed but you won't improve as well as others who do the whole design themselves.
:bulletyellow: Animation is completely optional.

:bulletorange: All right, I've entered a contest, what should I expect? on the first 3 days of the month a new event will be announced, when you finish reading about the rules of that specific event and its deadline you can comment to participate (something like "I'm in" will do). Then, after a period of 24 - 48 hours the event sing-up period will end and and you'll be randomly assigned to another Pumpkin. Lastly we will contact you via note so you know who your secret Pumpkin is! Remember this is a "secret-santa" like group and you must keep your assigned Pumpkin in secret, this to make the game a little bit more fun! If you get to reveal who your secret Pumpkin is you'll be banned for a period of 2 weeks plus you won't be able to take part on the next month's event.

:bulletorange: I've finished my gift, may I send a link to it to my Pumpkin? it is advised that before sending the link to your Pumpkin you send it to the group first, this to let you know if your gift meets the standards stated bellow or if it needs a little bit more refinement:
:bulletyellow: It must be properly shaded (no pillow-shading)
:bulletyellow: You must have at least an idea of what the color theory is (this means keep the colors nice and avoid anything too saturated).
:bulletyellow: Clean line art (1 px wide unless your purpose is to make it thicker).
:bulletyellow: Do your best C:!

Remember that each time you create something the effort (if any) shows, so we're not asking for a masterpiece or for your art to be the best on dA but please put your 100% and everything should be good!

:bulletorange: I don't like my gift :C what can I do? if you received a link to your gift it means it is under our requirements/regulations, but if you still think that what you got isn't of enough quality you can always contact an admin and tell him/her about the situation,. But remember! the group is focused on improving so if we check your paired Pumpkin's gallery and see that he/she did his best then you'll be nicely asked to comprehend that not everyone on this group has the same skill level nor style.

:bulletorange: I won't be able to finish my gift, am I allowed to quit an event? yes you are, but keep in mind that you can only do so on the first week of the event and you won't be able to participate on the next month's event (or if that's a special month on the second event). You can't quit under any circumstances on the 2nd or 3rd week of the month, doing so will result on the temporary ban of your account for a period of 5 days. If you think you won't be able to finish ask kindly an admin to give you an extension so you can finish up your work.

:bulletorange: You said something about "extensions"? yup, if you think you can't finish your gift at the specific deadline you can contact an admin, explain your situation, and if it is something reasonable (like your computer is broken, you have no internet, and stuff like that) then you'll get an extension period. If you don't manage to deliver your gift under that new extension deadline you'll get banned for 5 days and won't be able to participate on the next monthly event.

:bulletorange: Okay, now I'm in, but.. I'm having issues with another member, what should I do? if you ever have any kind of conflict with a member of the group contact an admin as soon as possible, you will both be asked about what is going on and according to the facts a verdict would be made.

:bulletorange: Now I'm ready to enter a monthly event, are there any regulations I should know about? everything you need to know regarding to the event you want to be part of can be found on that specific event's journal entry although there are some general rules you should know:
:bulletyellow: You must state clearly in the comments of that journal that you want to be part of the event.
:bulletyellow: Check first the rules and deadline of the event you want to be part of to avoid future issues.
:bulletyellow: Bear in mind that the event may be cancelled for whichever reason PumpkinGifts states without any previous announcement.

:bulletorange: What happens if I break any of the above rules? don't think that because this is a friendly, warm, kawaii group we will tolerate any kind of misbehaviour or rules violation, if you're caught braking any of the rules stated in this FAQ, depending on how severe it was, you'll be banned from the group and it can go from a 3 day banning to the permanent removal of your account of the group, so play smart and don't inflict any rule, it isn't that hard!

That would be all for the FAQ, as new questions come up this entry will be updated so keep an eye open!

Keep enjoying the group ~!

Click on the icon for instructions in how to include the thumbnail on your application note

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Based on the current contest, it seems like the theme is "something autumn-y" yes? I don't understand how the pairing up of people affects it ;_;
Wouldn't you technically be able to do the same leaf/whatever design, no matter who you're paired with?

Like I guess I'm wondering how it would specifically relate to the person you're paired with ;u; <33