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Discorded POV
"Glorious Chaos"
In the beginning, there was nothing...but I'm not here to bore you with some kind of origin story.  No, you're here because you've been asking around, wondering what was going on in the minds of other ponies - especially a certain set of mares - and I want in on the action.  Call it boredom, call it chaos, whatever - I just want to share, too!

Now, sit down and sit still, I won't bite...much.

My first conscious thought was, much like many others later on, "I'm free."  This was immediately followed, of course, by "I wonder if the new regime kept Casual Friday."  After all, that's the first thing on anyone's mind after being released from petrification.

Don't believe me?  Well, one of us has been petrified twice now, and one hasn't.  Here, I'll fix that easy enough.  Now then, as I was saying...

Celestia hadn't changed a bit, though the accursed Elements of Harmony had.  You know already the tale of how the bearers wandered into my labyrinth, falling to my cunning and cruel cages of chaos (tm).  I may have cheated a bit here and there, but I still have to say, not bad handiwork.  Of course, if I was to have any kind of power, I'd need to be the last being in the universe to have a say in what went for that silly little thing everyone calls "ethics."

So I stole the most powerful piece of time magic I could find (much to my amusement and glee, it was a big blue box that was bigger on the inside) and used it to block off interference from the rest of my family.

And that's when the fun began.

I tortured each of the bearers, drove them to their metaphorical knees, cutting from them something vitally important to their beings - and their connections to the Elements.

In this world, I interfered before the last could fall properly.  In MY world, I did not...and so began the millennium of experimentation.

Being a creature of chaos, it's easy to get bored by the same thing going on for seconds, let alone an entire millennium.  (I had enough of that as a statue.)   So while I let my new minions destroy the harmony of the world, I tested the power of chaos to its fullest, bringing about zombies, the plague, an army of kittens - everything and the kitchen sink!  After I had my fun (and learned an awful lot about a great many things, none of which you'll want to hear about if you value your sanity or lunch - honestly, ponies are such softies!)  I decided to check back on my minions, see how they were doing.

I must say, I'm still disappointed.

The rampant magic provided them with an illusory "me," who did the same thing day after day after day.  So BORING.  Anyways, this illusory ruler inspired each to react in a different way, according to who they were.

Applejack took my takeover of her entire world and its dissolving into utter chaos rather well.  Even incapable of speaking so much as a word of truth, she managed to keep the entire group together, tending to them almost as a nurse.  Ugh.

Rainbow Dash was the next lowest on the rung of insanity.  First, she chased after "me" while "I" was doing something predictably chaotic (honestly, I need to put more effort into these things, "me" doesn't have my creativity at all) and tried to keep ponies from getting involved, only to have at least half of them suffer...which basically already happened, now where's the reaction shot?  Then she went through the same choice every day for a thousand years: her friends or her most valued friend, and it always ended with her unable to rely on her friends when she let them down.  I think after a thousand years she nearly figured out the riddle - or killed herself out of despair, either way would get the desired result: more suffering in new and exquisite ways.  Ah well, guess I'll have to break the new one.

From there was Fluttershy - the one where I cheated.  I bound her ability to feel compassion, and the results were marvelous, if I do say so myself.  In fact, I think I'd like to keep that memory locked away, rather than share it with someone like you.  I will say this, I liked her best.  Fluttershy is best pony indeed.

Then came the entity known as Pinkamina Diane "Angry" Pie.  If I was fondest of Fluttershy, Angry the Berserker was a close second; she even dared attack my illusory clone on instinct when it laughed in her presence.  She even got away with a limp.  Of course, she was entirely reactionary, which lost her serious points...

Then there was Twilight Sparkle.  The illusion may have cheated there: her memories would be artificially and temporarily restored, only to fall away before she can do anything.  Again.  Beyond that she was simply a robot, disconnected from the world, no disorder, no stubborn refusal to give up in the face of insurmountable odds, nothing.  She just did as she was told.  Where's the fun in that?

Rarity was the most annoying, however.  She got an obsession with one rock...which became many rocks...until finally she had rock grandkids.  Amusing, yes...for five minutes.  But a thousand years?  BO-ring.

And the last one was dead...I thought I'd fixed that?  Ah well.

Deciding that enough was enough, I gathered the memories of each one and went back to where it all began...the maze.  My first task completed, those memories gave five ponies reason to not sleep for a long time...the sixth would wait.

And...that's it.  Alright, I could tell you about how I orchestrated events to occur so that I would be "defeated,"  but instead I'll tell you how I dealt with the elements the second time.

Applejack, who had sought to comfort with lies, now offered to use the truth for the same task.  I gave her a bit of motivation to see if she would look long enough into the well for some of the really frightening stuff...but apparently not.  Ah, well.

Rainbow Dash is still moping over the Cloudsdale incident.  Perfect.

Fluttershy and Fluttercruel are coming to terms with each other.  Sappy, but interesting...I've never seen anything like that.  I'll need to research some more.

Pinkie Pie is, regrettably, sane.  I don't know HOW, but she is.  A sad day indeed.

I managed to punish the jewel finder appropriately - she's now afraid of her own livelihood!  Ah classic.  Too bad it didn't stick.

And then there's the dead one...apparently my session with her stuck somehow...incredible!  And something else to look into when I can...

Of course, I couldn't have known without my unwitting accomplice.  YOU all though I was bound in stone, but really that was just the beginning.  After all...

I am still here.
An unusual take on the events of Discord's reign.

Inspired by [link] Alex Warlorn's Pony POVs, as well as by this image: [link]

12/19/11: And Beta 1 is up! Just a few errors and inconsistencies.

12/22/11: And I just realized, I forgot the disclaimer. D'oh! Anyways, MLP belongs to Hasbro, FIM belongs to Lauren Faust, and inspirations belong to their respective authors, Alex Warlorn and "maxtaka." The only thing I can claim ownership to is the exact sequence of words that makes up this document and the work it took to come up with it.
© 2011 - 2021 pumpkin-tlof19
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evfan13's avatar
I just heard about this series today. What do I start with? Do I have to start with the very first story in the series ever, or is it possible to get caught up really really quickly if I start in the middle? How do I tell the non-canon stuff from the canon stuff? How the %#&$ did you find the time, motivation, etc. to WRITE this much?!?!?!
...I think my brain's gonna explode
alexwarlorn's avatar
(Hello. I am here to tell you that this story is now one hundred percent canon. HEH! HEH! Iteration Four. What made you think you could EVER escape me Discord?)
alexwarlorn's avatar
I've not forgotten this fic of yours. Have you? Have you read the dark world chapters?
alexwarlorn's avatar
And you have no idea how ironically inspiring this story was.
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Having just read the Epilogue Continuation...WOW. Okay, I see what you mean there. That was amazing. Major contribution of mine, that I could perceive: Rarity's "Family." When you get time and inclination, could I hear about others?
alexwarlorn's avatar
What 'others' could you mean? You mean Rarigreed's family of rocks?
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Like that, yeah. Major contribution noticed was the Family of rocks...still doing comparisons, but if it's no problem for you it'll go faster to hear it straight from the source, you know? ^^;
klainefanart's avatar
oooooh interesting. you have a talent for writing fantasy :3
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Neat! Though in this case, part of what I'm going for is creepy. The fact that I had a model of sorts to work with on this fic helped quite a bit, though. Did you find anything that could be improved, by any chance? Improving one story means the next will be even better!
klainefanart's avatar
hmmm..nahh i wouldn't change it ^^ i like the: i won't bite...much part. ^^
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Hm. And yet, no mention of "Casual Fridays." I figured that would be the right mix of horror and humor to get anyone laughing, regardless of reason.
klainefanart's avatar
i didn't really get that eather...what's casual friday mean? does it have something to do with fasion? (i'm not a girly chick ^^)
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Casual Fridays is an old joke now, but it basically means that the workforce is allowed to wear whatever they want on Fridays, as opposed to a uniform of some kind. So basically, he's saying the first thing on anyone's mind after no longer being petrified is whether or not they can wear normal clothes to work on Fridays.
klainefanart's avatar
oh i get it now lmfao XD
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
...I think it gets funnier when you realize that ponies don't normally wear clothes. Why would there BE a Casual Friday in the first place?
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alexwarlorn's avatar
Your work is on my fanfiction journal list.
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Sweet! For my next trick, getting this onto TV Tropes!
...or at least getting something onto TV Tropes!
...maybe getting a brief reference under Recursive Fanfic?
alexwarlorn's avatar
alexwarlorn's avatar
Not in tune with my fanon-canon 10% of the time, but that's not really the point. It manages to be a genuine look through the eyes of a maniac and Discord's reaction to things are all perfectly in character and you REALLY get his personality across as it should be.

And a frighteningly sick idea of how things connect. 0-0
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Hooray! I managed to create a perfect simulation of the mind of one of the most deranged creatures in all of Equestria, and have now unleashed it...on
Ah, horseapples.
Seriously though, good to know that I managed to capture his viewpoint effectively enough. Now to either improve this to the point where it can't get better, or else find a way to do better.
This is going to take a while.
(Especially without any suggestions for improvement? I plan on self-betaing already, pretty sure I misspelled "millennium," and that last YOU is short a capital letter, but beyond that I've got nothing.)
alexwarlorn's avatar
Most of my nit picking would have to do with story canon since I'm that fixated on details which doesn't have to do with your skill as a story teller.
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Dude, for as long as stories have existed, consistency has been a vital part of the storyteller's job. If a story possesses too many inconsistencies, then people notice, and foul is called. A story is a smooth stream of events, and anything that jars the ride pulls people out of the story, and then where's the fun?
...random rant aside, I'm basically looking for ways to improve the already existing story. You say it doesn't work with the story canon it was based in? My response is to ask for more detail on that, because by better incorporating my story with given canon, (or with given fanon-canon for stuff like recursive, which this may or may not be...think I'll leave that up to readers) I improve the flow of the story. Otherwise, it's like telling someone that an important character's backstory was filled in for them, and then not telling them what that story was, or giving them any details, or doing anything to help them incorporate it into their story, and then there's dragons and fire and brimstone and it can all be yours for only $19.95 plus shipping and then I said, "Oatmeal? Are you crazy?" ...I just reread that last sentence. I think it addresses my point perfectly. That is the only reason I'm including it. On that note, no more apple juice for the rest of the train ride, there's got to be something in it.

ANYWAY! Point being, any and all help is appreciated, even and especially nitpicking about story canon. (I should really figure out how to just out and say it, or I'll be here all night.
alexwarlorn's avatar
Okay, since a lot of this is set in a 'what if' like scenario I won't trounce on that BECAUSE it WOULD be unfair. But I will go over the things that are for the Discorded Epilogue.

The illusionary Discord thing I'll accept as 'artistic license' since the story wouldn't even work if that wasn't the case.

How much Discord's family would actually bother to interfere with him is a matter of debate, but would be spoilers if certain side stories ever get written, so that is something best left alone as is.

Twilight Tragedy isn't truly emotionless, since "and I'm glad she's (Liarjack) willing to lie for my sake. "

I don't understand why, but I always end up crying while looking at them (gold and silver statues' of Celestia and Luna).

She went through the same choice every day for a thousand years: her friends or her best friend, and it always ended with her unable to rely on her friends when she let them down.  

Your description of Liarjack is spot on.

Technically there's more to Traitor Dash's fate than that.

"Traitor Dash is always trying to protect or save ponies who get in the way of Master's games. Strangely she always ends up having to let one suffer to save another, master oddly laughs harder during those games."

She tags along when Discord decides to 'romp and play' and ends up always having to chose some ponies to die or suffer in order to save or protect others.

Discord also said RD's memory is the ONE pony's that WOULD forget this timeline ever if she accepted this offer.

 (And I must say, for someone who "fights for the greater good" she can be incredibly bad...)

What greater good? Trust when I say that was this Fluttercruel does to other ponies is nothing short of the stuff of nightmares. And yes, Discord WOULD very much consider her his favorite.

Technically speaking, this Angry Pie isn't the same one from Pinkie Pie's reharmonization chapter. THAT Angry Pie was born from when Pinkie Pie cut off her aggressive emotions. This Angry Pie here? Is Pinkie Pie's desire to be taken seriously having gone to paranoid levels.

And yes, Angry Pie WOULD be Discord's second favorite easy.

I have to sadly admit, it IS darkly funny when Discord said 'rock grandkids.'

" The illusion may have cheated there: "

As if Discord would CARE it was cheating or not. He considers cheating part of his motif.

"You're cheating!"

"Spirit of chaos and disharmony remember?"

"her memories would be restored, only to be artificially suppressed.  Again. "

Oh it's much worse than that. It's the OPPOSITE! Her memories are -restored- artificially, then he lets her fall into darkness again with a snap of his fingers.

 My first appearance gave five ponies reason to not sleep for a long time


" I gave her a bit of motivation to see if she would look long enough into the well for some of the really frightening stuff...but apparently not.  Ah, well."

Disturbing when Discord says 'really frightening stuff' since AJ saw JUDGEMENT DAY ("The moment ponies devoured the fruit of magic they sealed their fate." Remember?) and a brief image of Celestia dying of old age with her sun now a red giant when she looked in there along with a unchallengeable contradiction to a choice that gave her her greatest sense of inner strength (leaving Manehatten). I don't want to know what the 'really frightening stuff' was.
pumpkin-tlof19's avatar
Re: Emotionless
She cries sometimes, she shows gratitude sometimes, and the rest of the time she observes events as if the lights are on, but nobody's home. Compared to a being who literally eats the scenery (or rather, makes new scenery that interacts with more new scenery to get him a chocolate milk of glass, which he then consumes...but whatev) and is practically represented by his Evil Laugh of Chaos, not to mention that twisted, twisted grin and-hrm! just sounds kind of emotionless to me.
Re: Liarjack
Yes! Pulled it off.
Re: Traitor Dash
Regarding what she does, do you think there's a better way to convey that? I basically put in what Discord saw, and what he saw was the same scenario every day, a series of games where she betrays someone, and a terrible choice.
Also, regarding what he said, and I quote:
"Twilight Tragedy," She begins saying my name. "Master promised he'd put everything back the way it was before, -everything!- Every detail, every memory: except mine . . . all," Dash began to tear up, "All I need to do," She hiccuped, "Is murder the pony I care about the most!"
So, to summarize the deal: Rainbow Dash kills her best friend, and Discord turns back the clock to before he awoke for everyone...EXCEPT RAINBOW DASH. And according to that exact wording, "the pony I care about the most"? That pony could be her...So I think that part stands well enough...
Re: Fluttercruel
Here's the thing: we don't get so much as a HINT of what Fluttercruel is doing. And as we've seen in Reharm, she still has the smallest inkling of kindness to her, even without compassion. So, with that in mind, one of the cruelest things she could do is give others hope where there is absolutely none, and all hope will do is get people to try and confront Discord. Which ends in Death, Zombies, and a whole manner of other...problems. Plus, people do horrible horrible things for what they perceive as "the Greater Good." Like condemn a one-year-old kid to another 16 years of utter hell, followed by death, and then undeath, so that he can be forced to kill someone who can't kill a one year old despite being a mass murderer. But that's a rant for another time.
Also, consider this: Fluttercruel is cruel, and wants to get her way. What she wants? She USED to want others to be happy, because she was compassionate. Now she has no idea what she wants, she just knows she wants it, and she wants it NOW. So we'll say she wants to rule so that she has everything, and will want for nothing. But Discord is in the way of that ruling. Therefore, Cruel needs an army...and there's a large number of discontents all over the world who could easily be convinced to fight him. Discord would find her out easily enough...and approve, because he's Discord. She would face opposition from ponies with enough sense to not attack the spirit of disharmony who can turn you into ice, bend your gender, and create a literally flaming clone of you to chase you around for eternity, trying to hold you closely. Which means there are ponies in the way of what she's now calling "the Greater Good." They must be allies of Discord! Hunt them down and make sure he doesn't hear of us, (even though he already knows because I basically told him and he's totally fine with it!) And now she has prisoners that she can torture for information...allowing her both sides of cruelty, all in the name of the Greater Good. Just a theory, and what I based Discord's reaction on. Further, it seems exactly the thing Discord would like, and just having him say "Oh, Fluttercruel just tormented people to within an inch of their sanity" would not only not be in character for either of them, but also wouldn't fit with canon, since what she did was so bad, someone on OUR level wouldn't want to hear about it, as stated by Sparkle. Meaning it's convoluted enough that Discord will like it, horrific enough that no one should be able to comprehend just how horrific it is, and possesses a tiny glimmer of Kindness to keep within the confines of the soul. That being said, if the comment doesn't belong, it doesn't belong, and it shouldn't be there.
Re: Pinkie Pie
:Technically speaking, this Angry Pie isn't the same one from Pinkie Pie's reharmonization chapter. THAT Angry Pie was born from when Pinkie Pie cut off her aggressive emotions. This Angry Pie here? Is Pinkie Pie's desire to be taken seriously having gone to paranoid levels. :
You state this. I don't know what the problem is. Or are you talking about the Berserker moniker? Something tells me that a pony like Pinkie Pie does everything with warm feelings: when she's sad, she's upset and angry and pretends she's happy, and the rage comes pouring out like she's been bottling it up for a thousand years and more. Plus she attacked Discord on instinct, which implies she now attacks anyone who laughs in her presence on instinct, which implies that when ponies laugh she attacks a lot, hence Berserker. Is there a better way of looking at that?
Re: Cheating
Should I make a note there about the hypocrisy? And also I just realized, Discord has the ultimate excuse:
"You're cheating!"
'Spirit of chaos and disharmony remember?'
"Now you're being a hypocrite!"
'Spirit of chaos and disharmony remember?'
"And NOW you've set me on fire!"
'Oh, that's just because I find you boring. I'm going to go play with the "rebels" now, they're much more fun.'
"And I just realized you said the same thing twice in a row!"
'That's because you weren't expecting me to. Spirit of chaos and disharmony remember? Not spirit of predictability and cliches. Honestly, get with the program!'
But that's me.
Re: Memories
I'll try to incorporate that when I beta.
Re: Hmmm?
The idea is that he brought the memories of each one doing something horrendous with him to give them nightmares about, and implanted it behind the scenes into the Discording visions when he wasn't looking. And it's sentences like that that are the reason I frikkin' hate time travel. But anyways, the subconscious memories of a thousand years of torment could explain how things managed to get worse than they already were, as well as how Applejack went from Honesty to Kindness to just plain cruel lies (she was on edge, and it was throwing her off her game)...and he had something special planned for Twilight, which the ending revealed.

All of these are my personal thoughts behind the story. If they're not coming through, then I need to clarify things. Your advice is appreciated, and I've already got some ideas for a few of these points.
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