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Ok so I accidently deleted the other art trade journal I had made and I can't remember all the art trades I had on it. So, I need those that wanted to do art trades with me to write here. I am stupid, and I am sorry. :<

I am also looking for new ones since I didn't have so many on the other journal I had! Here are some rules for applying and all:

Tiny Heart by apparate As of right now, I only do half bodies. If I feel like it, I might decide to make a full body drawing. It depends on your character(s) but also how I am feeling. :>

Tiny Heart by apparate I have 5 slots open, once I have picked 5 I will close and open again once I am done with all the art trades I have on the list! So keep posting your art and requests and I might pick you next time!

Tiny Heart by apparate If you want me to draw you two characters, you will have to draw me two. :>

Tiny Heart by apparate I will pick those that look interesting to me, not skill while, but style wise! I won't pick anyone that is extremely messy with their art, fast drawn and blotchy. I put a lot of time into my art, and I just think it’s fair to trade art that has been worked on, and not thrown together in just a few min (I say this because it has happened to me many many times).

Tiny Heart by apparate My art trades will take a while to finish, not forever I promise, but a while. I struggle with mental problems and sometimes I am just too tired to draw. But I always finish my art trades, no worries! ♥

Tiny Heart by apparate I can pretty much draw anything, except furries and animals. I am willing to try drawing most stuff, so just ask me! ^ v ^

I hope these rules are ok, I am sorry if they are demanding or anything. Everything, my drawing, depends on how I am doing mentally and physically. Some days I feel hella shitty and my drawing will be slow. I WILL finish your artrade, so don't worry. This art trade round is mainly to get my brain to focus on something else for a while. :>


[i]: sprout pixel by plushpon Vault44 /// she wants: mack & sandy?
[i]: sprout pixel by plushpon BrokenBone /// he wants: Ylva.
[i]: sprout pixel by plushpon TheCoconutChild1 /// she wants:…
[i]: sprout pixel by plushpon open
[i]: sprout pixel by plushpon open
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TheMischievousRodent Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd love to do an art trade with ya! 

If you are willing to draw these two for me? 

Kassie - Kassie Wingate // REFERENCE AUGUST 2018 by KassieDraws
Loki -  Loki, God of Mischief // REFERENCE by KassieDraws Capture by KassieDraws  (All I gotta say is God of Mischief) 

And I will happily draw two for you! Who would ya like done!?!? 
Vault44 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Student General Artist
I am back at college (AND THUS SUPER SLOW) but if you don't mind that, I'd love to trade :blowkiss:
pumpkin-juice Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
You know it!! ♥ I will add you!
What do you want me to make you? ♥
Vault44 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2018  Student General Artist
A surprise please :love:

What can I do for you?
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