Pumpkin Online Fanart Contest! $100 1st Prize
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Published: March 18, 2017


Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Latest Demo Video of the game in development! 
Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! 

Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! News

Our Steam Greenlight page is finally up. If you would like to see us distributed on Steam please vote yes and leave a comment. 
We need all the votes you can get so please tell people about the game and vote yet :) 

Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! FANART CONTESTPumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U!

We're holding a contest to help spread the word about our game. 
(Any questions please contact us)


Contest Rules

- Has to have our characters in it. You can find them here:
Diamond Falls
Wahoo Beach
You can draw any characters you want together as we don't have their relationships between each other up yet. Make up your own head-canon.

 - Can’t include characters from other existing games or shows.

 - You need to share your fanart somewhere (Deviantart, Tumblr etc.)

 - You need to mention us in your post so people can find out about us.

 - You can submit as many as you like

 - Can't be over PG 13 in rating

 - Deadline April 30th 2017

- Not necessary but it would be nice if you included a link to our steam greenlight page  


Contest Rules for us

 - We try to reblog all acceptable fanart on our tumblr with credit to the artist

 - We will not use your fanart for profit or merchandise

 - We will not reprint or use fanart for promotional material without permission from the artist


(Will not be delivered via post, paypal preferred. We will convert to DA points if preferred)

1st place : $100

2nd place: $50 (unlocked if we get 20 entries) 

3rd place: $50 (unlocked if we get 30 entries) 


To increase your chances at winning we look for these things when judging:

- Pictures that show a lot of character or personality.

- Characters drawn match their personalities mentioned in profile.

Using details mentioned in their character profiles.

Full color

Group pictures

Good/ Sophisticated use of color (value, contrast, etc.)

Characters interacting with each other

Artist spent time drawing a background/ environment to put the characters in.


Remember this contest is to help us spread the word about our game. We humbly request your participation if you can. We love and appreciate all fanart even if it's something simple.

We will not be using your fanart for profit or promotional materials without your permission.

Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! DEVIANTART ENTRIESPumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U!

Tiffani by h3mlockd <da:thumb id="670324261"/> Ken by Animated123 Ce by Jelllyfishes  Pumpkin by Cepearia

Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! What is Pumpkin Online?
Pumpkin Online is a multiplayer, farming, dating sim currently in development. We were Kickstarted in 2014 and now we are working on our game! For more information be sure to visit our website for more information. Some fun features of our game we plan to have are.

Vote for us on Steam Greenlight 

 Open character customization which allows for non-binary characters!
 Clothes and accessories not limited by gender!
 Have a farm and customize both your house and yard!
 Do activities like, farming, fishing, mining, sewing, ranching and more!
 Marry anyone you want in town regardless of gender!
 Do all these either solo or with friends online!
 A diverse cast of NPCs to interact with and marry!

Just to name a few, visit our website for more information!
icontumblr Tumblr
icontwitter Twitter
iconindiedb IndeDB
iconsteam Steam
Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Pumpkin Artists

Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! NPC Character List
If you would like to draw fanart of our character visit our website for the list of our NPCS. We have over 6000 people following us on twitter and we will be happy to advertise your art or even if you are doing commissions if you do a drawing of our OCS. We have over 100 to chose from :)

 Diamond Falls
 Wahoo Beach

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MarsKatt's avatar
MarsKattStudent Digital Artist
Did it end?
Vixxiin's avatar
Vixxiin Digital Artist
Is this still ongoing?
I had a cute idea for two of the characters I saw. Even if it's not ongoing, I'd love to draw my idea sometime anyway. :3
reese-yamawe's avatar
reese-yamaweHobbyist Digital Artist
T_T Is this extended? 
WinterMaiden11's avatar
WinterMaiden11Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello is this still open or have extended?
gigifeh's avatar
Hello! As I saw your contest is going to end the 30th April, but still I don't really have much time for doing it because of my works and exams, so if you can maybe extend the contest please?
thanks for reading this! <3
Ri2sart's avatar
Ri2sartProfessional Digital Artist
extend pleasee
zareah's avatar
zareahProfessional Digital Artist
Does the deadline mean that the contest is already closed? :<
DanzierCoot27's avatar
DanzierCoot27Hobbyist Digital Artist
can u plss extend????????!!!!!!!!!!!
Y-GabyT's avatar
Y-GabyTProfessional General Artist
Please, could you extend the deadline just a little bit?
buffalodog's avatar
buffalodogHobbyist Digital Artist
My entry =>  Untitled-1 by buffalodog
SweetOrangem3m's avatar
SweetOrangem3mHobbyist General Artist
hi, is the contest still open? if not then sorry for not making it in time...-_- it was a busy month for me
MaykaDyna's avatar
omg is this contest already closed?
i just saw this,,
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Melo4679Student Digital Artist
Just in case it didn't go through the fourm, here is my entry.
Claudio and Dee - Pumpkin Online Fanart Contest by ongkomelissa
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Hope I made it in time! My entry -> Joshua
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sakohjuHobbyist Digital Artist
Whew, just made it! Here's my entry:
Spider in the Pumpkin Patch by sakohju
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Ok I submitted it through the link but just to make sure here is my last minute entry.... this took longer then I thought but mostly due to indecisiveness Sweating a little... 

Jemma - Live Broadcast by Kidlike101
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buffalodogHobbyist Digital Artist
could you extend deadline one or two days? ;v i'm drawing crazily but maybe i will late T^T
RevyOwls's avatar
RevyOwlsHobbyist Digital Artist
Finally finished Lazyicon tired smooch 
Here is my entry:  Pumpkin Online Fanart Contest Entry by RevyOwls
I would definitely want to draw more fanart in the future since all of your character looks so cool. Bunny Emoji-56 (Nomnomnom) [V3]  
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Katsumi29Hobbyist General Artist
What time does this end? ;w; 
I'm still making mine cause school-
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ArtistNtraininGHobbyist General Artist
Just submitted my piece =)

If an extension for the contest happens can I resubmit it with changes?
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TunaJamHobbyist General Artist
so we have until april 29 at 23:59 or april 30 at 23:59 ._. ?
catllama's avatar
catllamaStudent Traditional Artist
Hey I have been really busy with school work and I haven't finish mine entry ....so I wanted 2 know if u can change the deadline just one or two more weeks ...plz .....

If u can't it's ok I understand -w- ♥ bye bye
The-Elusive-Caravan's avatar
The-Elusive-CaravanProfessional Digital Artist
Hi :D I've noted you my video entry, and have also tagged your page on my facebook page, as I can't upload videos on deviantart, so facebook is where I've uploaded my entry officially :P
Let me know if the video is not working for you :P
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