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[hollyverse] 10. the flame that shines eternal

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Queen Celestia was the monarch of a newly-united Equestria in all by name; commonly hailed as Princess by the commonfolk, as she once famously proclaimed her sister and herself to be princesses, "for it is Equestria we serve, and its people the true kings and queens of the land." Once as fiery and bright as a phoenix risen from the ashes, that alicorn that had been so glorious in her violence as she turned Discord to stone soon settled into a pleasant and warm presence, as a blazing inferno eventually fades into low-burning embers. 

Celestia's fire was never diminished, but controlled. Once a talented unicorn, her Ascension had only turned Celestia into one of the most powerful ponies in history- few could boast of matching the rising Sun in terms of raw power, but wielding such magical strength was a different matter entirely. And yet Celestia excelled in this as well, under the tutelage of Starswirl the Bearded, most talented wizard of their time. Where Luna's domain seemed to include the Dream Realm, illusion, perception and subjectivity, Celestia's role as the Sun intimately linked her to the physical aspects of our Universe, and to nature as well. As a young Alicorn, Celestia would often escape her attendants to aimlessly fly over rolling hills and unpopulated lands, and claim to feel the trees and flowers reach skywards for her, as they do to the life-giving Sun she embodies.

Her appearance changed to reflect her new role in the grand scheme of Harmony; no longer the blazing mare she had been, Celestia returned to her light pink hues for a time, as soft as the first kiss of dawn. And yet as years passed and her bond with nature deepened, blues and greens seeped into her mane, all the colors of the World she substained with her light. In poetry and in song she would be associated less and less with the fiery Sun and more with the colorful Day, a subtle but remarkable distinction.

Although not as changeable as her sister, the years would take their toll on Celestia as well. After a few decades or so of uninterrupted ruling, now with a fully-grown Luna shouldering the burden and joy of alicornhood, Celestia confided in her lunar counterpart her need to sleep, to rest. As they reasoned her need to set just as Luna waned and waxed in monthly rhythm with the Moon, Celestia retired to the crystal caverns where they had been killed and reborn, where the Tree of Harmony's gentle hum could be heard by no one but the Sisters themselves. Here the Daybringer laid her weary head down, and passed from this veil of tears. Thirty-five years had passed since her first death.

Watch for sunrise, had been her last words, and these words Luna clutched to her aching chest. For a full month she fretted, worrying that day had passed into night for good, until one fateful morning when Celestia, once more the bright and pink Princess of the Dawn, returned to her sister and her people. Fully renewed, Celestia would repeat this cycle every few generations, though the secrets of where she went as she 'slept' were never disclosed to anyone but her immortal companion, who would only wink and smile enigmatically when questioned about it. Luna ever so relished being privy to information nobody else knew.

Overall, much of Celestia's personaliy remained to her, ever a prankster and overall lively presence at court, but Ascension seemed to have aged her rapidly in terms of maturity and duty. Honor and responsability were her true loves, and the ponies of Equestria her children; she regarded most with motherly affection, and was recognized in turn as the highest matriarch of a very family-driven, female-led country. As a Goddess, Celestia is associated with fertility, stability, the harvest, summer and new life.


aaaand here's the pretty pastel sunbutt! i just adore celestia and all the potential she has as a character. again, the rising-and-setting headcanon is lovingly inspired by device heretic's eternal. i imagine the caverns where celestia retires to rest to be well guarded, not just by literal guards but by ancient magic only controlled by the sisters, so the details of just what happens are blurry to the population. celestia doesn't actually die, but has her powers taken away for a time as the sun renews itself, and she's free to walk around as a mortal pony, undistinguished and common. this is meant to keep her humble, as well as keep her grounded and in touch with the concept of change and mortality and the passing of time that her people are subject to. it happens every few generations, for 1-6 months, during which Luna briefly takes control of her sister's duties; in my hc both are capable of doing this (as celestia will later do during nightmare moon's banishment) though it is tiring and a little uncomfortable. luna is able to keep the world turning, but maybe not so gracefully, and so nature gladly welcomes celestia's return. same thing happens as luna takes back control of the moon, the night, the tides and ponies' dreams.

ALSO im... not entirely sure how to make it Make Sense or apply it to all my pictures with her but i really like the idea that celestia doesn't cast a shadow, and she always glows a soft golden-white. she's also very warm to the touch! cuddly pony

i hope you like my simple yet peaceful portrait of tia !!!!! nwn
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Not even through the first paragraph and I'm already actually envisioning Celestia flying at Discord just engulfed in flames, furious and looking like a miniature sun o:

AHHHH her appearance slowly changing to what we know it!!!

The first thing I noticed picture-wise were the earrings, they're such a great touch! And I love her glistening her eyes are

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honestly, i think she probably would!! one of my favorite inspirations for just how powerful and brutal celestia could really be is the song of syhlex, a one-shot where twilight and spike find a very old poem-song about celestia's encounter with an evil dragon and his sons. the description of their battle is So Cool and i just love the way it's written, it makes her sound so epic and i love that portrayal of the sisters ;__;

i'm glad you like the earrings!! i love giving my ponies ear piercings honestly, they're so nice !

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Oooo, yes that is a good interpretation for how Celestia can be o:

They really are!

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Oh chica, amo esta version que escribiste de las hermanas


te sigo wachando uwu <3

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gracias !!!! ;___; me gusta imaginarlas más como diosas, entre más grandiosas mejor sadffssdfg todos mis dibujos con el tag [hollyverse] explican la historia! qué dicha que te gustó ;u;b <3

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Tengo que leer lo demas <3

Escribes tan BONITOOOOOOO Ika Musume (Sparkle Eyes) [V1]

Voy a estar siguiendo este AU <3 uwu

Bc ame el transfondo que le diste a Luna, de por si es una de mis princesas Favoritas!

(Esh una dicha conocerte a ti, me caes bien <3 Me gutaria conocerte uwu )

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acabo de ordenarlas en un folder llamado hollyverse en mi galería, entonces están en orden desde la más vieja hasta esta la más reciente :3c 💞✨

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iRE A LEERLO! excited / happy emoji (F2U) sparkles

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I LIVE for your writing oh my god, it's poetic and I just asdyfguhbjnmasytua

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thank you so much!! i'm glad my writing isn't too bad ;w;b

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Whaaaaaa this is so pretty!! Amazing job!!

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thank you soo much !

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