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[hollyverse] La Lumiere qui fait venir l'ombre!

By pumpkabooo
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❝ The second to rise was the Moon, the gentle glow that guides travellers through the dark. It is said that the Nightbringer first saw the World with glee and awe, almost brought to tears by the beauty of it all; her hair was stars, her laugh at the sheer exhilarance of existence a song. From the mortal wound on her chest blood flowed anew, a silver liquid that spread under her soft weight. The soil drank it eagerly, and from this union purple flowers bloomed before the crowd, a blossoming bed for the Goddess of the Moon.

If Celestia rose with the heaviness of duty, Luna returned to us with the bursting joy of a child. The Moon, ever changing, gifted its Alicorn with a mercurial nature; light and shadow playfully shimmered and smoked around her to the tune of her giggling, so very different from the Sun's constant, fierce and blinding light. Although undeniably powerful, many years would pass before Luna grew into the fullness of her majesty, for even as the chosen of the Moon she was still small and young, often falling under Celestia's wing before she grew into adulthood. And yet it was her power, along with the Sun's, that brought Discord to heel, turning the Great Serpent into stone.

aaaand here's luna! i tried to do her piece a lil differently since i'm not as satisfied with the way i did celestia's. again, this is the newborn moon; young, bright, hopeful and incredibly excited to see the world. as she grows older luna settles into her power and role as the night a little better, and her fluctuating magic manifests in her cycle of waning and waxing that i hope to talk about more later :B
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Her starry cooooooooooaaaat and the clouds in iiiit ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

I was very excited just to see the preview, Luna looks so happy c:

What flower bloomed with her? The only flower that I can think of is alstromeria but I'm not 100% sure.

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thank youuuu!! i really wanted to capture her joy and excitement when waking up, considering all that happens later i want her to have a very happy beginning to her reign ;__; as for the flower, i'm honestly not sure !! i didn't have a particular flower in mind, but it is a sweet idea that it might have some symbolism/meaning as well !!

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She deserves the happiest while she can get it, the poor thing.

Ah okay, I just didn't want to miss any hidden meanings if I could help it. It's a pretty design for a flower either way :]

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The sheer difference in how Celestia and Luna look works really well, in terms of the story you're building. Luna has all the brightness of a full moon here, all gleaming and radiant, but not quite burdened by the same blinding majesty of her sister. That'll make it all the more interesting if we ever see that fluctuating magic you were talking about!

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thank you! i really like the idea of luna having a very optimistic, happy first few years as a princess, to balance out all the bitterness and strife that comes later :0 just as Celestia's heavy sense of duty sets the tone for how she deals with the nightmare moon issue in the future!

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This is the prettiest drawing of Luna I have ever seen

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thank you so much, it means a lot!

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woah! your colouring looks ethereal, rlly gorgeous work thanks for sharing!

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gosh, thank you so much for the kind words !!

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