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Well, after some time of inactivity as R.a.M. Land (my musician nick-name), I recently released a small (kind of a single) album that features 4 songs from my 'Square Universe' full album project. The 'Square Universe' album is in a hiatus status as for now, but at least I released these songs.

So check out the new single album,'Square Sky, to the Meadow':…

You can buy it for $4 dollars, and alternatively, you can download the first track for free or for as much as you want to pay. :)

Here a promotional video of the first track:…

Hope you all will enjoy it.  :D

And as always, be sure to check out my official R.a.M. Land website with some more albums and songs (many of them free!):

  • Listening to: Some of my own Music
  • Reading: Geology stuff
  • Watching: The PC Screen... ;)
  • Playing: Mario Kart Wii
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OK, guess what? I'm back! (sort of).

As always, I'm very inactive here, but nevertheless, I don't forget to give a quick visit here to DA every week or so. :)

Now regarding some news, I just want to share that I'm enjoying since about 2 months a nice HP LED 23" monitor, 1920x0180 (Full HD) resolution.
Finally, after years of using old, second hand CRT crappy monitors, I'm finally enjoying my computer activity as it should be, and taking in account I use a LOT the computer (for both Work and Entertainment) it's pretty important to me to have a comfortable big screen in front of me. :D

Now the next target is to get a nice USB Condenser Microphone for my R.a.M. Land affairs, but that will take a bit of time still. :P

Anyway, nice to be back on DA once more! 8)
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Oh yeah, even I could not believe it. I'm still alive and around here on DA! :o

Thankfully, I'm here again and glad to be here once more.
I've got a small 3D work I've made several months ago and didn't even bother to upload it here. Blame me totally for that.

Will upload it in a few moments, and I'm also preparing another nice render I made using Poser and NearMe.

Regarding my Descent stuff, still (and as always) i'm fully working on Pumo Mines even if it's not apparent. So don't ever think the project is dead. ;)

I'm also making some new music, and got a musician's website since past year ( although it's still somewhat incomplete. :P

And, another very important stuff on my life, I'm working now on a music band that plays Anime music in the convention I use to work on.

I'm making some very good friends with the band and although it's not much (in fact, I could say it's almost nothing), I'm gettin' some money for it. :)

Well, with nothing more to say, I will upload the 3D work I said above. :)
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Comment and i will:
1. Tell you something I'll learn about you by looking at your dA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what pokemon you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you, and your answer has to be as vague as possible to keep the suspense.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Give you a weird nickname
8. Tell you what's on my shirt right now.
9. Challenge you to post this on your journal
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OK, finally after a LOT of waiting i manage to release a playable full-blown
demo of my Pumo Mines mission/mod project for D2X-XL, that includes a lot of hi-res stuff (textures, sounds, etc.), in-game cut-scene movies, briefings, original music and much more!! :D

Visit my website for more info and for download links:

Any doubts or comments, be sure to get into my website's forums also. ;)
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Well, after a LOT of time of inactivity (Specially regarding here on the journal, as last entry was from November 2008! :o ) i'm back here as an active user again. :)

I've uploaded some more deviations and i'm also planning to sell some prints (i hope that someone would like to buy some! :P )

So stay tuned as you'll see me here again and often, hopefully.

And regarding my Mod/Mission project 'Pumo Mines' (for the interested) i'm close to release a full blown 3 level version soon! Yay!!
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OK. I have a somewhat bad mood today, but anyway, i want to announce something i've made since several days ago.

For ppl interested on the MOD i'm making for Descent 2 (D2X-XL) game, i want to inform that there's a complete & playable demo of Pumo Mines level 1 available to download. It includes a lot of features added to normal D2. You can find more info and download links on my website (in the Descent section):

Oh, and also if you want to leave feedback about Pumo Mines or want to talk about something else, be sure to check my new forums here:

I think that's all by now. Aagh, i will see what can i do about this bad mood... >_>
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Well, just if you're interested in the MOD i'm making for Descent 2 (using' D2X-XL), check out the new blog dedicated to this project. Here's the URL:

I'm almost done with all the 3D model stuff, so as soon as i finish all the models (and robots) and will start to make the levels :D
And of course, i will release a new version of the Level 1 usin' the new stuff i made!
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This time i want to feature a deviant on my journal. Since i don't have to much to say right now on my journal, what's bes than a nice featured deviant!
So here is...





Remember to check Gimei's gallery and Prints! ;)
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Finally, my official My Space website is complete! (in fact, i've completed it from almost a month ago ^^U but forgot to put it on my journal)...

This is the URL:

There you can listen to some of my songs, and i will try to put some albums from time to time...

Now on another topic, for the intersted on my Descent 2 MOD (Pumo Mines), i've changed the texturing of the levels i'm doing right now, as well as i've changed the level order and planning. And as last (but not least important) feature Pumo Mines will have a brand new professional modelled ship! Yay!! :D (courtesy of MetalBeast, a D2X-XL community member)

So, stay tuned! ;)
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I know that My Space is the worst and crapier community on the Internet, but for my musician needs, it's a good place to start ;)

It's not that bad for Musicians as it offers some nice services, including the embeded player and the posibility to contact with some Important artists...

So it's time for me to open a My Space Musician account...

Stay tuned for the URL (when i finish to tweak the horrible My Space default design :P  )
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After many days of working (preparing merchandise for an Anime convetion i work on) i'm finally resting. I will use this free time to continue with my project for the Descent game (Pumo Mines) and with my Pumo Mines songs (to give them some touch-ups).

Also i will upload many of my 3D artworks made on Poser here on DA, so be sure to check them ;)

Really, i don't have much more to say right now. I'm lazy as you can tell from my mood, so i'm here doin' really nothing, actually :P
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Hello everyone and welcome to my DeviantArt homepage!!

I hope you like my art. I've got a lot of works to post here (3D Art, 2D Drawing, etc). :)

So stay tuned! :D

And don't forget to visit my website!!
with info about my gamin' projects and also a mirror of some of my art.
You can also find my original music there (all compositions of mine ;)  ).