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This is the last 2004 work i did on Poser (again with AnimeDollKit).
I've done this while i was playin' with some texturing and posing tweaks on Poser and this is what i got ;)

I think this image has somewhat of a sexual essence to it, as you may notice on the pose and expresion. Enjoy it! :D
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Great work btw
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I just want to jump her
great work
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He He, Who wouldn't want to? :D
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Very nice and hot. X3
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Thanks for your comment!
For some 'strange' reason this is the render i got as the most favorited one! :?
lol xD
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Nicelly done!!! Congrats...
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I like it.... where can I get this anime doll kit, and what does it do?? I design anime models too.
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You can buy it from here:


Check the store section.
It's made by a japanese with the nickname of MayaX. :)

Basically the AnimeDollKit is a character for Poser but it includes many morphs so you can customize it a lot. Of course, you can also use magnets to customize it.
You can find a lot of extra stuff (clothes, hairs,etc) also on the Renderosity store or in the Free Stuff section. You can also use add-ons made for MayaDoll (another compatible character made by MayaX, although Mayadoll is free) ;)
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awesome, thanks a lot, I appreciate it.
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