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Planet Omicrurus

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This is another 3D render I made for my Descent 2/D2X-XL mission/mod project, Pumo Mines.

This time is Planet Omicrurus on Dapatet System, a Class II Gas Giant planet, with water clouds and two moons. :D
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I love the outer atmosphere of the planet nice job
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Good to know that.
Thanks for your feedback! :)
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Looks like a really calm gas giant. It could use some major storms there or here though :)
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Well, as it's inspired by Uranus I planned it to look 'dull'.
But i'm making a new planet that will have nice atmospheric clouds and bump mapping :D

Anyway, glad to know you liked it. Thanks for your commment! ;)
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To be clear, I like dull planets too :D They have nice atmosphere of calmness and peace, but they could use at least some contrast :)
You're welcome :)
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I really like the concept behind your planet but the model itself doesn't reflect this! It just looks like one big sphere with nothing to make it clear that is actually a planet... welp. Slap my silly, I just realized that Uranus looks exactly like this :lmao: Still my point stands that you could add some cloud variation for some sort of atmosphere :)
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Well, in fact I was inspired by Uranus, as I like Uranus 'dullness' and thought it will fit this planet. But anyway, I must say i'm learning and trying some new styles on new planets i'm making with cloudy atmospheres and maybe some atmospheric bump mapping. :)
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