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PMC Thara Rocker Station

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This is another scene from the Mission Briefing Sequence of ' ';Pumo Mines: Kartsal Motivation', my Mod/Mission for D2X-XL (Descent 2).

This shows the ';PMC Thara Rocker Station', a space station orbiting planet Thara.

Rendered on Vue 6, some post-work on PSP 9.
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nice modeling :D that's really cool
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He he, thanks. :)

I made the station model itself on 3Ds Max (although i'm still a novice on it :P ) and rendered it with its textures and stuff on Vue.
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i really like the effects on the windows . since you're making this for a game , are you limited to a certain poly count or number of colors ?
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Thankfully not, as this is made for a mission briefing sequence where I can use any pre-rendered image without limitations (well, maybe except for alpha channels) So I can use any resolution and color depth.
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ah . i see now :D you're importing the final rendered image , not the model itself . i was thinking that the game was going to have to render this during play :faint: