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My Seduction 2

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One more render usin' the same character of My Seduction 2 from 2004 also.

Made usin' Poser 5, AnimeDollKit by MayaX and PSP7.
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Good prespective. Like the view.
Nice rendering! I always like the anime doll!
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He he, thanks. :)
Yeap, Anime doll is still one of my favorite Poser models! :D
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AnimeDoll in all her cute glory. :D
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Yeap, even with its limitations, AD is still my favorite poser model. :)
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I only started my gallery because of AnimeDoll. :) Later on I replaced her for Madoka, because she has a way bigger wardrobe and all the Aiko3 morphs while still preserving the cute AnimeDoll head. Madoka has been on my featured deviation since I started this gallery back in 2005! :D
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Really nice! :heart: (Yes, :rose: is a good name)

Hope you've been doing new work since 2004... Not because these aren't good - they are - but that three-year gap implies that you can do even better, and maybe have already!
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Yeap, i have some new works but i'm posting my early works first :)
I will post newer ones as soon as i can ;)
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