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Fictional Ad Sketches

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This is a couple of raw sketches made for the illustrations that will be used on textures for Pumo Mines Level 6.
They will serve as basis for the fictional advertisings you will find on the Yuempum City on level 6. :)
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...ooooh.  Ads for what I wonder...
Cannot wait.  Speculating about a wider universe is the best part of any story.
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Yeah, in fact I do have a very vast fictional universe (I call it the Pumo Software Universe. Not very original, I know :P) with lots of characters from all my stories.
All the stories I write are set on that universe, and they are all inter-connected in one way or another.

I was planning to write a quick chronological essay in english (as I only have it in spanish) about all the events, starting from the origins of the original "big dark eyes and U shaped mouths" alien race, and how they scattered throughout the galaxy to end on Earth on a distant future. :D
The fantasy-esque stories of my Greates Odyssey saga is related to the very distant past of that race on its original planet.

Will see if I get the time to put more info in my blogs, my Facebook here on DA, if you're interest to know more.
Perhaps I'm having a hard time to finish PM as a mod/videogame, but I do have the complete stories lying here (on both my mind and on my computer ;) )
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Well I'd certainly like to hear them if you can find the time.