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Computer science - bits and bytes
In my quest of creating and helping to give a rise to a knowledge-based and intelligence containing art
i upload and put on internet my new work in this additional art direction. I am not teacher, and it is hard
to imagine how people exactly will see the information that ones put into an image and how it will be
"read", so more likely not many folks will get from this drawing the true depth and spark for computer-
-scientific curiosity in their further lives.

This is pencil drawing made in sketchbook with minor editing done in computer.
It shows symbolically, on generalized and abstract level some basic workings of
computer memory units like bits and bytes, and how it relates to image and color
resolution. (8 bits = 1 byte technically).
The more hi-res your image in computer is ---> the more electricity and disk-drive's and microprocessor's
inner mechanics it spends.

(1st July 2018)
sketch mathematics
In a spirit of developing scientific art and brings intelligence and exercise.
- - - - - - - -
This is an attempt to show how mathematical multiplication and division sometimes can be viewed geometrically without getting lost, and solving something at the end of the day. Armed with patience and pencil, one may actually sometimes get a chance to see math inner algebraic workings "in action", and solve particular problem at the end of the day.

Sketch shows an alternative to mathematical induction method in cases of solving square/cubic expression equalness in math. Exercise was to find whether  for all natural number sequence of "n" (where user chooses on which natural number n ends) an expression of 1^3 + 2^3 + 3^3 + ... + n^3 is equal and the same as expression ( n^2 * (n + 1)^2 ) / 4.

This is exercise which i took from old soviet mathematics book for schools on my own initiative, only to discover that with patience and some trickery you can crack some tasks and enjoy the process. It is crime what modern schools do with their teaching methods to resulting perception of math in heads of those, to whom it is taught, planting the seeds of hate towards mathematics, which in turn plants next deeper seeds for uninformed, lazy and shallow society, with all the consequential dangers to itself...

What is going on there is this - we "draw" sum of cubic elements on left side of problematic equation for some fairly low n value, say 5. We draw cube of "generic size" 1 + cube of generic size 2 + cube of generic size 3 and so on. It is then, when one can realize that task asks us whether a summary volume of such assembly is the same as volume of assembly made differently. Then we start operating on right sight of problematic equation for the same n = 5 value. We first "engineer" the multiplication in upper part into an assembly of square according to definition of what it means to multiply some area on given distance - a sort of spatial extruding operation, which gives us volume. We then divide by 4, or into 4 equal pieces, the resulting geometric construction, keeping in mind what it's resulting volume in generic units of measure was due to prior operation. The number of generic volume units on left side of problematic equation has to be numerically equal to number of generic volume units on right side.

Such approach enables one to "see" solution and how it takes shape during process to some degree. In this approach during exercise whole procedure  utilizes your brain GPU - "graphics" processing unit/ and neurons meant for visual abstraction exercise and cognition - which otherwise get lend for attention to only funny cats videos, advertising, naked advertising or other detrimental commercials at best. If you train patiently like this, no matter how hard it is and how boring schools made math look like to you - it is then your cognition and mind processes becomes ,thanks to conscious efforts, more of your custom-made property instead of commercially owned and hijacked brain.

Do the math at your own pace and speed, take easy or difficult tasks - whichever even if you are beyond 60. Find old school books and get in a habit of training on whatever school/college/university grade level. Awake your scientific, technical curiosity..

Resist, and reclaim your brain...

(12 June 2018)


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Pumais's Profile Picture
Intars Kočeševs (28)
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I was impressed with a Terminator2 film, inspired by NES/SNES/PSX game imaginative worlds and computer graphics. Almost graduated from tech-uni. Left it, finished my short animated film (its on Youtube), decided to become artist. Somewhat became, worked, teamed-up with other artists, burned, suffered glorious paradise of commercial employment realities.
....still dreaming of creating that feature-length, smart, awesome big movie of my own where i can be James Cameron to myself and pull it off even on a level of most horrible, few-key-frames animated visual graphics ever seen. But with a story and values left untouched by market values :l !

I enjoy doing some low-poly 3D, general 3D and ilustrations.

(some of my CG/3d animation stuff)


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Shirvell Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018
Thanks for the fav :)
Marbella13 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Hi I'm Ana I decide watch for the intelligent comment on Jill Sandwich cosplay picture.
The rare guy can tell everything about nobody can tell about this society selfish intentions on the internet for fame and ego and do dumb things for this. Thank you ☺ your a special man I appreciate that Like a woman I don't like to see other women act like with vulgarity for reach attention in stupid things for elevate dumb self-esteem. It's a lye
Women please show more intelligence.
Respect yourself respect your body
Most of men don't respect women for that compartment.
Show your brain not your body.
The mind controls everything
Sorry I diverted
Pumais Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
No, you haven't diverted. Yes, its crazy times now. Pretentiousness is skyrocketing. As for me - i give no more a flying fuck what people think about my harsh tone. Historical times asks that we drop modern-era politeness. It is dysfunctional and harms us all now.   
Womans and men, both went crazy. Look at many other art forums - like "Ello", for example. Huuuge internet art-forum.  The same shit there - everything goes like porn now. Sometimes it almost feels like there is nowhere else to go - all mass forums are contaminated with that one-click-ego-photo fetish albums.

You see, lady. You gotta understand one thing for what it is and clearly.
If you show men your tits or your backside curves, any curves! - man reacts.
Any men!! Even intelligent. He doesn't immediately respects this woman. He reacts.  Those two are different. Without a question, reaction is automatic by the biological  inner forces. Nature.   Only the thing is that for an intelligent men it takes extra 
effort (and physical brain energy too, you know) to suspend and convert a sexual thought to a second or third layer of importance, and give a room and first priority for an intelligent thought as first.

Extra effort, imposed by non-effort of other.  Dis-balance, you see. Dumb men thinks he controls everything. He ain't, and that's the true. So, pornified galleries of internet will always take an extra effort on your behalf in your head to sustain any capacity to function intelligently regards of others.   And that capacity is not limitless... 
In wise, educated society, all men and women in public places would dress properly.
They would and might have porn and some fashion, but all the porn, naked tits, attention, ego-fetishes, wild nakedness and underwear for eyes and plays would be left in bedrooms only, for private usage only. Do whatever you like there, not on internet, which is a sort of public space.

...we are not so highly civilized, yet....  We haven't even made a transition to a sustainable, at least solar-powered society.  Everyone wants to waste electricity to make and post a photo of his face/ her boobs and ego but hardly anyone learns how to install at least one small solar cell and give back some wasted electricity.  Don't tell me about freedom of speech. It is garbage, that is used as a weapon now, and wins one with the highest purchasing power and money amount in his bank account at the end of the day. 

Consider an internet and how spammed it is as a measure of our informational health. If there is fetish and spam mostly - we are fetish and spam ourselves respectively.
Garbage in - Garbage out.
ArmaBiologica Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see that you would rather make a caricature of people rather than getting to know them and their ideas on a pragmatic level.
Pumais Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Pragmatic level?  C'mon. Nicola Tesla, Carl Sagan, NASA scientists, Elon Musk, Leonardo da Vinci, Jim Cameron,
Jean Claude van Damme and dedicated skilled animators, oil painters, industrial designers and other intelligent
folks definitely are the ones i won't dare to make caricatures of and would take a hoop to know on a pragmatic

Those all (some of them dead, many of them alive and fine) are truly an artists - who in spirit, who in skills, who 
in both.
As opposed to fetish pseudo-artists, boob photographers, swingers, cosplayers and pleasure-driven folks.  Yes, out of them - mostly the caricatures of lazy intellect. Not to say weak intellect,
no,no,no   .... but a truly sleeping and lazy intellect, with a paused potential. 
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aquaticpig Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Professional General Artist
Hi there! Hey man, thank you so much for the watch, means a lot for me! :la:
Pumais Featured By Owner Edited Jul 24, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Be it so, if you say it is for you. But i invite you to not give a damn, don't put big value for yourself about any, any fact of "watching"/new watchers, all those follower-audience building stuff - its all fake down the road. It is poor purchasing power auditorium here, no one has money.  And to survive in money system, you will need money.  Followers come, followers go, and usually you/they will never watch each others works. :j

Its more like ego-competition that is going on down here and on any art-forum nowadays. It is empty game for 978 out of 1000 artists :D. Capitalism/ market competition is how it is called and invented long before you were born.

So draw for yourself, make great art, not crap - and don't give a fuck about any watchers, they are meaningless to you in a long term. Be an artist with a stand. It is your skills, luck and patron, financial supporter (like Dali found luckily one during his artist career) that should mean reeeeaaly a lot for you - bother about those.
It is my way of saying thank you, by the way :l 

No go and do a great painting!
Typthis Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave.
SalHunter Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2016
Many thanks for watching and faving! :-)
Pumais Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
There were lot of goodies in your albums :l
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