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Relieving the Sentry by puma7372 Relieving the Sentry :iconpuma7372:puma7372 3 0 The Doctor's Last Stand by puma7372 The Doctor's Last Stand :iconpuma7372:puma7372 2 0 The Siege of Trenzalore by puma7372 The Siege of Trenzalore :iconpuma7372:puma7372 4 2 Battle of the Game Station by puma7372 Battle of the Game Station :iconpuma7372:puma7372 7 2 Degradations Of Skaro by puma7372 Degradations Of Skaro :iconpuma7372:puma7372 10 0 Ambushed! by puma7372 Ambushed! :iconpuma7372:puma7372 1 0 The New Dalek Paradigm by puma7372 The New Dalek Paradigm :iconpuma7372:puma7372 8 0 Spitfires In Space! by puma7372 Spitfires In Space! :iconpuma7372:puma7372 7 4 Capitol Under Siege by puma7372 Capitol Under Siege :iconpuma7372:puma7372 7 1 Silent And Deadly by puma7372 Silent And Deadly :iconpuma7372:puma7372 4 2
Me Mate Rabbie
I hae guid mem'ries of him an' me
Ganna back yeirs hundred thrie
So heid all rownd tae hee
Tale of me mate Rabbie
Since he came furth in Alloway
He waes a gallus wee smirt bairn
His kinny alwayis rynn away
Frae hall-housie tae farm
But nae Scot'd cair ane scrap o' that
Bauldly stout tae any chalange fyrm
Though ne'er frie, the shoogly wee brat
O' e'er-present Scotch germ
Quill-pen was his freind frae start
Fer his fathir swot 'im fast
An' skyll of he spaun frae yoong hart
At fyfteen he loved a bonnie lass.
Aye, he couldn' stay frae paper
An' we joked abute his posin'
He was 'ritin' awl the time
That 's, when he winnae dosin'
Mayny times I tauld him too
"Putt doon that pen an' grab a keg!"
Nawt impartial was Rabbie, t's trew
Tae ane beer ou lassie's leg
T's an understatement, aye. Oh Rob
Howe many sheilas home di' ye bring?
On tap o' mustresses heir in Scot
What else di' ye hae in Land of Spryng?
Yer lukkie thy wyf ne'er rummied ye in
An' ye freinds dinnae boot up thy hind
But I ne'er p
:iconpuma7372:puma7372 0 0
Wrath of the Gods - The Terror of Egypt
Ekhos, Egypt, 3827BC
"What is Ra's name is it?!" Ramses asked his fellow guard Amen. He was referring to the odd object that he had found at the gates to the village.
"Shush, don't curse in the gods' name, they'll hear you and curse our village!" Amen replied frantically. Ramses was a guardian of Ekhos. Though hardly a mighty soldier of the Pharaoh's army, or a well-armed guard of the city of Abydos, he was formidable with a spear and had protected his village from many hungry predators.
Ramses yawned. It had been a long day, and longer still since he'd had any action. Still, it was a rather easy job, and it gained you more food. But this was something new. The object was stone, and looked like it had been carved by a master craftsman. It was in the shape of a tall woman, and wore an intricate gown that extended to the floor. It had two strange appendages protruding from its' back, textured in a way Ramses had never seen before; it was certainly unlike anything he'd seen before. The ap
:iconpuma7372:puma7372 0 0
Deja Vu - A Doctor WHo Fanfiction
Déjà Vu
My maternal granddad always used to tell me about the Copse. He'd sing a little song to me, a song that has forever stuck in my mind.
Of all the places in the world
There's a place you mustn't go
Where the trees are completely silent
Because the wind's too scared to blow.
For no soul has ever gone there
And safely made their return,
Watergate Copse is haunted
So into it you must not turn
I knew there was more of it, but I couldn't remember the rest, and when granddad died in 1994 the song seemed to die with him. I actually really used to like how that song went, and I'd hum it often during my childhood. And I always used to heed my granddad's word, and avoided Watergate Copse like poles of a magnet avoid each other. But 30 years later, I was beginning to get curious. I'm a grown man now, why should I fear the words of an old man?
Well, this was my wife's argument, after she discovered I was arriving home 15 minutes later than I should, as I went out of my way to a
:iconpuma7372:puma7372 0 0
Dalek Drawing by puma7372 Dalek Drawing :iconpuma7372:puma7372 1 3 Weeping Angel of the Omnitrix by puma7372 Weeping Angel of the Omnitrix :iconpuma7372:puma7372 14 8 The Dalek of the Omnitrix by puma7372 The Dalek of the Omnitrix :iconpuma7372:puma7372 18 17


Spinosaurus sketched after Sereno et al. by yoult Spinosaurus sketched after Sereno et al. :iconyoult:yoult 205 117 Normalfied Inika Masks by bonesiii Normalfied Inika Masks :iconbonesiii:bonesiii 85 8 Kratana drawing by Quinnuva Kratana drawing :iconquinnuva:Quinnuva 3 0 Mask of Summoning by Vrahno Mask of Summoning :iconvrahno:Vrahno 153 41 Affray Under the Sea by Vrahno Affray Under the Sea :iconvrahno:Vrahno 42 11 Toa Nikila by Vrahno Toa Nikila :iconvrahno:Vrahno 53 14 The Element Lord of Plantlife by Vrahno The Element Lord of Plantlife :iconvrahno:Vrahno 38 18 3 Element Lord of Rock designs by Vrahno 3 Element Lord of Rock designs :iconvrahno:Vrahno 37 17 The Urge to Move by Vrahno The Urge to Move :iconvrahno:Vrahno 69 24 With a wave of his hand by Vrahno With a wave of his hand :iconvrahno:Vrahno 88 37 Kingdom Teridax by Vrahno Kingdom Teridax :iconvrahno:Vrahno 111 52 Killed me off, did you? by Vrahno Killed me off, did you? :iconvrahno:Vrahno 82 25 Tren Krom. Period. by Vrahno Tren Krom. Period. :iconvrahno:Vrahno 47 28 Dark Hunter Mimic by Vrahno Dark Hunter Mimic :iconvrahno:Vrahno 31 3 Before being obliterated... by Vrahno Before being obliterated... :iconvrahno:Vrahno 50 2 Oh, Lewa, you... by Vrahno Oh, Lewa, you... :iconvrahno:Vrahno 31 13




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New Zealand
Salut to you all. Je m'appelle puma7372, and I am a professional Sporian. Alas, you shall probably not find anything interesting on my page, unless you are into talentless Photoshopping, pretentious bullsh*t which I like to call poetry, or advertising for Spore adventures most viewers will have no use for anyhow. Carry on.


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