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WoWTCG - Light Within Darkness

Hey guys
How's it going ?

So, after these were published i can show these to you.
My first solo cards for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

I bet most of you who levelled up to 80 did this quest in Icecrown. Pretty cool quest chain.

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uma sugestão e também uma opinião,ele como forsaken seria mais legal,pois mesmo se os forsakens forem bons e tentarem alcançar a luz as trevas é o descanso eterno.
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looks amazing!
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I loved this quest chain to death. I'm so glad he was able to avoid the aftereffects of the plague. <3
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i did that quest like 3 time,s on 3 of my toon,s it,s a sad quest
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I Almost Cry when i Finished this quest line, May the ligth Guide your Path from now on Crusader
I did indeed do this quest in Icecrown, I have a habit of doing every single quest in an area before I move to another area.
Great rendition of that scene btw, :).
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an absolutely fantastic piece of work, and a fantastic card if i may add.
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Oh my god. I remember following the quest chain thinking, "Jeeze, poor guy out here all alone in the cold. I hope he gets better." and when I got to the end and realized that the Paladin wouldn't get better, I was very very sad. But then when the Naaru popped up and took him away, I almost started to cry because it was just so touching. I later looked up the quest and who it was done for and I commend Blizzard for implementing such a wonderful homage to their fallen hero. This is a beautiful rendition of the quest and I feel that you did a wonderful job. :)
Words can not describe how awseome this is
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This is one of my top favorite quests ever, I enjoyed every moment of it and was happy that the Narru still watch out for paladins. Great job on re-capturing that moment, it fills me up with fond memories of completing that quest.
Bridenbrad quest was one of my fave's I do it every chance I get!
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I loved that quest chain. This piece does it justice, love it!
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Man I loved that questline, and you did a fantastic job portraying it! Both this and your Fist of the Deity art pieces are fantastic. I'm glad you got the chance to do these, as your WoW art has always been inspiring.

I may be seeing a similarity that's just coincidence, but is the design of the blood elf a reference to another popular WoW fanartist, or was her design just chance? ;)
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Thank you very much for this, I did this quest a while ago too.
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That's definitely one of my fav quests. Awesome art as always :)
ohhh saving bridenbrad!
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Trigon: Did Arella told you what happen to your father?

Raven: She told me enough. She told me you kill him.

Trigon: No, I am your father.

Raven: NO!!!
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Great quest line. I got a little choked up when I did it. I <3 paladins. Awesome lighting effect on the Naaru. Is that your blood elf paladin?
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I was into WoW for a bit, sadly...or not. It IS addicting, but seeing the art for the tcg makes me interested in it. These look great maybe I'll pick up a starter deck.
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One of the better written quests from WoW yes. I liked it alot.

Also really like the extra stuff you added, a sad person, and, thanks for making the human look cooler than they useally do in-game.

Thank you.
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I knew what this was in the thumbnail. That is a gorgeous piece - that questline was astonishingly well-done. I cried at the end. >w<
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That quest chain is one of my favorites, it commemorates the struggle, albeit in vain, against one of the Blizzard staff's brothers.

May all of us find ourselves in such grace when our time should come.
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