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Sketch Dump Time!

By pulyx
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So fellas...how have you been?

Anyway...i've had a few "promising" sketches for a long time but i have no idea which one i should carry on and actually finish.

It's a mix of random stuff. Mass Effect, ASOIAF, World of Warcraft, Kingkiller Chronicles (name of the wind, ETC).

Maybe you guys should let me know which one i should finish. I'm normally very decisive about what i want to do, but it hasn't been like that in awhile now.
So dudes, dudettes, what do you want me to finish ?
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Seeing Kothe and all these other characters...it's beautiful. I love your style.
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I love that Xavius!
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Goody Guy Illidan!
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Notice that I may way late in giving my opinion, but I'd like to see Illidan. It reminds me of Arthas picture you did, and could be a cool thing you do on taking characters that go to the 'dark-side', and instead draw them if they didn't give in and became virtuous heroes.
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Puly, more Kvothe plz!!!! :D~~~~~~
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Puly, more Kvothe plz! :D
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Illidan man , Illidan! Then Howland
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awesome *W*
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I think you should finish Xavius. I read the "Well of Eternity" series, and like the whole evil-fel-power-turning-Highbourne-elves-into-crazy-looking-satyr-things. Xavius is by far my favorite.
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My vote is for Rhaegar!
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Hey mate, good to see you around again! :)
I kinda fell in love with the looks of the Dwarven Kings!
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I'm always delighted to see what others do with ASOIAF characters. I vote on them.
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Tehlu and Encanis!
I actually have no idea who either of them are (hell, I only recongize one or two of the people in these sketches), but they look really cool, so. :)
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Wow! Great to see more work up... all my favourite franchises too, what more can I say?
Just hope to see them keep on coming
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Tem mais nome do vento? Bom demais! E os anões no final me lembraram senhor dos aneis... eu morreria pra ver um Fëanor seu....
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Hahaha eu tenho sketches do Feanor aqui. Não tava comigo quando scaneei esses.
Vou escanear depois
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O que vc tiver vai ser sensacional ver =)
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God dammit! no votes for the dwarven kings?! T-T Then i'd also love to see Howland "badass-ninja" reed :)
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Pick one matey!
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My vote is for Howland. Im can't wait to see your drawings again ;)
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the Illidan that could have been, but never was
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