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Silmarillion - Orome and Huan

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I really thought i had added this to the gallery.

Anyway, this is Oromë saying goodbye to Huan, who was going to middle-earth with Celegorm (a huge douche).
Huan played a big part in the recovery of a Silmaril. A GOOD BOY.

I intended to add color, but i liked it enough in B&W.
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This is an awesome Orome. Very formidable looking and not too human-like or elf-like at all. Which is a mistake that some artists make in my opinion. Too bad Huan's master was such an unworthy scumbag. I bet Orome was so ashamed that he even gave Celegorm such a gift. 
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This is incredible! The black-and-white color scheme perfectly fits the sadness of Orome and Haun’s parting. It also captures the darkness that covered Arda between the destruction of the Trees, and the creation of the Moon and Sun.
Their expressions are amazing too. Haun looks sad about leaving Orome and the only home he’s ever known. Plus, even if the first kinslaying hasn’t occurred yet, Haun probably knows that a lot of bloodshed-much of it staining Celegorm’s hands-is yet to come. Orome looks proud of his hound, both for his loyalty and the great deeds he will accomplish in Middle Earth. The Hunter also seems to be putting on a happy face for Haun.
Sorry about the ramble. Beautiful work.
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Thank you for the comment!
I think it's a really touching moment, made me think of the times i parted with my dogs (when they passed) and those mark us for life.
I can only imagine what Örome felt when parting with such a phennomenal, amazing creature as Huan, his broken heart. Specially if he knew the shadow that was ahead in Huan's life.
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Your art is so amazing. I love it!
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