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Knights Templar



First off, i'm going to explain the flags, english and brazilian, which are there because this is a splash for a site.
hehe now that we got that out of the way...

This one isn't exactly new. I did it in november. As soon as Ig sent me the lineart.
I like this one very much because it was the drawing that when i was painting it, i found out that i'm only able to do convincing textures when i'm not worried about making 'em. so they just spill out of my hands.

About the templars...So, controversial guys these ones. I like their story because of the romantism implicated with their story, but i have to recognize they were a bunch of fanatics. But the crusades were an awesome thing (not because of what western people did) Because i think the sarracens are really awesome too. Specially Saladin. I don't take the crusades as a slaughter campaign. But i also think of war in those times, as rich people's sports. Which it kind of is until today. It's intriguing how people were different in the middle ages, and they still are still different after a whole millenium. War, truce,war, truce...and westerns are still with war with the east. When a western country gets tired of it, another one comes and take it's place...It's kind of annoying actually...Because back in the middle ages war meant was a JOB, to support your family...But's just pointless...Specially fighting a war that so coward that the otherside barely gets a chance to fight back.
Even though i think it's pretty impossible, i still hope something good come out of this war...Normally every war generates something good in the end...It's up to us to judge if this good thing was worth it's price.
In the second world war, we got an huge leap in science...But at the cost of millions of americans,french, british,russians and specially jews.
haha Anyway, enough with the ranting uahuahuahah

So, summing up.
About 8 or 9 hours, Photoshop CS, wacom tablet

Lineart by my friend
Colors by me!
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