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Critical Role (C2) - Caleb, Nott and Frumpkin

By pulyx
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Here’s my second Critical Role (C2) piece.
These are so fun. This one was a bit more challenging. Since i’m so rusty i’m going to ramp up the complexity slowly. Next one, is our best bud FAH-JORD

Anyways, this is Team Dad: Caleb, Nott and Frumpkin (who gives no fucks)

Hope you guys will like it!

Peace, critters!
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Frumpking Just Chillin' in the foreground makes this a masterpiece.

...Frumpking was a typo , BUT IT'S PERFECT.

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This is so well done! Dangit I love these two. And Frumpkin just off to the side XD That’s the perfect detail to add, that little guy is indestructible.
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hehe glad you liked it.
Frumpkin don't care about nothing!
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I have a feeling whatever they’re in shock about is all because of that cat.

He’s licking his paws with that smug look in its eyes. It knows what it did. Lil’ shit fucking knows.
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Love the Frumpkin photobomb! XD

Also Liam's descriptions for Caleb's spells are pretty good and I'm happy you went through the effort for this one!
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Thank you!

You know, that's what pushed me to do this. My original plan was to make Fjord or Molly, that are more up my alley in terms of visual.
But Liam always makes his spells look so cool with the mental image he creates i just had to do this.

Glad you found it to be up to what you imagined!
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Keep at it, dude! I'm loving these!
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Working on Fjord =D
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thank you!
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Photo bomb level: cat
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He don't caaare

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They never do!
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