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Also known as Marius de Romanus. So...what i can say about him? He's all kind and wise but so distant that i decided to make him like that - looking at you thoroughly but a bit arrogantly as if he already knows everything about you. May be he looks a bit bored but still there is that essential urge to live which makes he him draw again and again. And, yeah, i've put Armand as Marius's painting...well, i guess Marius draws better that me :XD: but to keep the picture whole i decided to use my own work not some Botticelli's angels ^_^

P.S. yes, there is no rose at all unlike in the previous works. I decided that Marius is too independent to belong to anyone. He can own but hardly belong

NOTE: Marius is a respectable property of Ann Rice.

Louis: [link]
Lestat: [link]
Armand: [link]
Claudia: [link]
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I see he has a great sense of style and a deep passion for painting, hmm i am so in love with him especially his portrait and the way the light is illuminating the whole room